Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chaos in the AM!

   It's only 8:00am & already our house is filled with yelling and crying! It has been another one of "those" mornings! Please, tell me I'm not alone! When these mornings occur there is normally the same culprit... Hannah Grace! I really think God had quite a chuckle when we named her that, because when you use that name in a stern voice it kinda brings ya back to center! :)

This morning the meltdown was over dress code. They are required to wear the typical private school attire of solid color pants or jeans & solid polo shirts. You would think that there could be no argument to be made... But never say never with Hannah Grace! So, after a completely pointless argument, she barely had enough time to get out the door on time, much less get to do her hair. Ugh girls!
Of course, this was my fault...
Thankfully, that is now in the past and I KNOW that when I pick them up from school she will be happy to see me and will want to tell me all about her day! Ah to be a child & be so resilient!

This morning I was able to make a quick run to Rite Aid and grab a few freebies. I'll post my purchase on the Rite Aid Page.

Sale Price = $30.84
I MADE = $2.10

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