Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Few Things

  All the deals of the week are officially up! *sigh of relief* There are a lot of deals out there this week. I don't think you can go wrong this week, no matter where you shop! Remember, if you can't find time to clip coupons, just shop the sales! Make sure you plan your meals 1st, so you know what you need for the week! 

  I'll be adding my Farm Fresh shopping trip later. I'll also be adding more Harris Teeter, as most the items that will be cheap are regular priced items matched with coupons! Please, let me know of any corrections needed or any additions you may have! I LOVE to know how others shop & save!  

- Cracks me up that at Harris Teeter the most sought after items were the condiments... Makes me think people have been watching too much Extreme Couponing!
- Also had some confusion at the register over the price of my Tampax... Found it comical the awkwardness the male cashier had just saying the word! 
- I may have worn see-through leggings to my Pilates class yesterday. Seems appropriate for a "Pastor's Wife", right???
- Tried a new recipe last night, Southwestern Chicken Scallopine. It was easy & delish. I got it from the Pillsbury website!
- Last night, my son won his game!!! Woo hoo! We had been on a losing streak, so they were thrilled to win... by 1 point! And my son played great himself. He got to play shortstop the entire game! And hit 3 out of 4 times up to bat! Proud Mama! 

That's all of my randomness for now!

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