Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gathering around the table... At Home

Now to some, eating at home as a family, may seem like a foreign custom... But after reading this post, I'm hoping you will begin to feel otherwise! Eating at home together as a family will not only benefit your bank account, but also your family's well-being! 
So what are the benefits???

#1 - It will save you a significant amount of money. The average family is eating out at least 1-2 times every week and the average family's cost is about $2600 a year! That is $216.00 a month & $50 a week! Think about the average cost of your family's dining out bill... How much could you save a week??? A year??? 

#2 - It will keep you & your family healthier. According to the American Heart Association, those who ate out had higher blood pressure; lower levels of high-density lipoprotein (the so-called good cholesterol); smaller particles of low-density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol); and lower insulin sensitivity, which is an early warning sign of diabetes. Why is all that important to you??? Because when you eat at home you are more likely to have fruits and/or vegetables as a side. Also, those who eat out are drinking twice as much soda or other sugared drinks than those eating at home. It also has been linked to being less active! Statistics show those eating out more are spending 3.5 hours or more a day watching TV or other doing other inactive activities. These statistics are based on kids, too! Eating at home can be such an easy 1st step in the right direction for changing the health of our family!

#3 - Children who eat dinner with their families fewer than 3 times each week are 61% MORE likely to use alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs. That statistic is shocking to me! It is definitely the most motivating factor for me! Eating at home can positively affect my children! It will provide an opportunity for everyone to connect & build relationships, through open conversation. Who of us doesn't want to best for our child & will go to ANY length to make it happen?!?! Yet, how simple is this?

  Now, when I say "sit at the table for a family meal", I know that your house will not turn into the Cleaver's! When we have dinner it lasts maybe 30 minutes, at the most. My kids can barely sit still, they forget their manners, they make a mess & without fail someone always hates what I made! 
  BUT... We have made eating at home as a family a priority in our family, because of the many motivating factors I just listed. The kids have now come to look forward to eating together. They're disappointed if we have to eat on the run! 

**I challenge you to track your eating out habits for 2 weeks. Then make a goal to cut that amount in 1/2 for one month. Easier said, than done... I know! But just try it out! Let me know your progress! 
 Also, check out some other "Action Steps" that you can take to save money on the Start Saving page

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