Monday, May 9, 2011

How to INCREASE the Value of Your Coupon

YES! It can be done! Let's face it... Most people do not use coupons, because they don't see the point in saving a few cents here & there. It seems like a waste of time. And if that's all that coupons saved you, then, yes! That would be a complete waste of time! 

But... when you use them the right way (meaning there is a wrong way) you will increase the value, which will then increase your savings! Here's how:

  1. Always match the coupon with a sale item. This will give you lowest price possible for an item.
  2. Use coupons at a store that will double the value of your coupon. Check out the Harris Teeter & Farm Fresh coupon policy.
  3. Match your coupon with a store coupon. Both a manufacturer coupon & a store coupon can be used for 1 item... 2 coupons on 1 item. Harris Teeter eVic members can save store coupons to their Vic card, which can be paired with manufacturer coupons. And Drug Stores offer a lot of store coupons.
  4. Use coupons on items at Drug Stores that qualify for their Rewards Program. This is an instant rebate that will print with your receipt & can be used as "cash" in that store for other items! Check out the Walgreens Reward Program for more info on these programs.  
Cutting coupons obviously takes some time, but the savings can be tremendous when used correctly. My advice would be to start with 1 grocery store & 1 drug store. Read over & understand their coupon policy & reward programs. Set aside some time to get your coupons & list together. I encourage you to try it once & see what works for you. Keep me updated on your progress! 

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  1. Target allow one manufacturers coupon and one target coupon too!

  2. Yes! Looove Target! :) Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, Harris Teeter & Farm Fresh do, too! I hope to show some Target deals soon, too! They don't really have anything too great right now!

  3. I want a Target in Switzerland.

  4. No Target's over there??? How are you surviving? Lol