Thursday, June 16, 2011

But I'm not a "Couponer"...

    I know that when some people look at my site & my savings, they think I could never do this... I don't have the time, or the patience & why bother wasting time to save a few cents here & there? Right? Am I reading your mind?
    I'm reading my own mind... I don't have extra time and I certainly don't have patience! Lol But I have figured out how to integrate coupon & other saving processes into my life. 
    My process may not be your process. My savings may not be your savings. But every bit counts & adds up. And what matters is that you're starting somewhere. Try new things & eventually you will figure out what works for you!

   Here are some different options you have:

     -    You can cut & keep ONLY what you think you will use & then take them to the store with you to check the prices. This will be shorter prep and allow you to get to the store faster, but it will take extra time at the store to check on the prices. 
     -     You can save ALL the coupon inserts & then cut them as you need them. This allows you to be able to match sales easier, because you have all possible coupons. But does require you to come up with a "coupon storing system". (This is my system)
      -    You can save all coupons & cut ALL of them & put keep them sorted & stored in a "coupon binder". Some people use the baseball card holders.
-     You could even NOT use coupons & still shop according to the sales & at the pharmacy to take advantage of their rewards programs.

**Any of these options will save you money. What is your process???

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