Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Friday Fun

This week has been jam packed! Between commitments & trying to keep the kids busy, we barely spent any time at home. But I am not complaining! This week has been great weather, which allowed the kids to spend more time outside without dying of heat within minutes! Our backyard is all sun, so on hot days it can be unbearable. 

- The kids attempted to fly their kite
- Isaac had a shot of bravery and attempted (& quickly) failed at the monkey bars
- I tried a new recipe that everyone loved
- We were able to take advantage of the pool before public school was out

We are slowly settling into a summer routine, which I'm happy about... Routines and schedules are my passion! Lol The kids have been getting along relatively well. I have changed their "chore routine" for the summer and it seems to be a positive change. 
They do not have set chores everyday, instead they must clean up after themselves without being asked. If they have to be reminded, they will clean up their mess & have a chore I specify. Also, if they are not getting along, they will have a chore. This actually seems to be helping them to take care of their messes & figure out how to get along... Especially when asked if they need a chore to stop fighting! :) 

This week was also, my Grandads 78th birthday! We celebrated with cake & went down to the beach to hear a band play. We sat in the sand & were serenaded by my parents singing along! I can only hope that I can live to be as healthy, happy, and full of energy as my Grandad! He is definitely a prime example of working hard for the things you want in life, never accepting a handout, not complaining over things you can't change, being content with your life, and loving your family to the fullest!

**How was your week??? Did you take advantage of the weather???

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