Monday, June 20, 2011

Our Attempt at a Summer on the GO!

Last week, I posted about my anxiety over keeping my kids busy for the summer! (Read that post here) I am so happy to know that I am not the only one! And you guys gave me some great ideas for activities!

Then I read this post... And I had a light bulb moment! My kids have the ability to play well together, but when they normally fight is when they're bored & cannot agree on what to do. I can always tell when these moments are coming, because they want to do nothing but watch tv & when they are talking about what to do, they say "No" to EVERY thing! So, I decided what if I can give them ideas BEFORE they get bored??? 

I wrote out a list of the activities from the "I'm bored cards", your comment ideas, did a little researching online for what is fun & cheap in my area & anything else I could think of. I then counted the days of summer they have left, which is now 76 days. And my goal is to have them do 1 thing from the list everyday. 
I have not given them this list, because they would want to do everything in 1 day! I chose not to make the jar & have not even told them about the list, because I did not want to cripple their creativity. They can be really great with coming up with their own ideas. These are things just for myself, that I can suggest when I see they are having difficulty entertaining themselves. This normally happens when my youngest son lays down for a nap or in the evening & they are getting a little cranky & tired.
My ideas range from simple games, pretend play, outside activities & places I will have to take them.

Here is my list:

  1. Play legos
  2. Reading time alone
  3. Play-doh
  4. Computer games
  5. Color
  6. Video games
  7. Paint
  8. Puzzles
  9. Board game
  10. Play with blocks
  11. Play dress-up
  12. Play with the doll house
  13. Write & mail a letter
  14. Have a tea party
  15. Listen & sing to music
  16. Paint nails
  17. Watch a movie
  18. Play hair salon
  19. Write a story & read at the "coffee house" aka Mom & Dad
  20. Have a dance party
  21. Make a bird feeder
  22. Play on the trampoline
  23. Play kickball
  24. Play baseball
  25. Play soccer
  26. Play hide & seek
  27. Take a walk
  28. Water balloons
  29. Water guns
  30. Play in the sprinkler
  31. Ride bikes
  32. Sidewalk chalk
  33. Hopscotch
  34. Jump rope
  35. Make a fort inside
  36. Make a fort outside
  37. Roller blade/skate
  38. Play house/kitchen
  39. Frisbee
  40. Football
  41. Lemonade stand
  42. Journal
  43. Picnic
  44. Duck, duck, goose
  45. Splish, splish, splash (played with water like duck, duck, goose)
  46. Play store
  47. Bluebird Gap Farm
  48. Mt. Trashmore
  49. Oak Grove Park
  50. 1st Landing Park
  51. Kangaroo Jacks
  52. Plant something
  53. Play basketball
  54. Play "horse" (basketball game)
  55. Chesapeake park
  56. Zoo
  57. Norfolk Botanical Gardens
  58. Scavenger hunt
  59. Beach
  60. Pool
  61. Have a bonfire
  62. Bake together
  63. Cook together
  64. $1.00 morning movie at Regal
  65. Fly kite
  66. Obstacle course
  67. Library
  68. Camp out back - set up tent
  69. Chesapeake Arboretum
  70. Williamsburg
  71. River Walk Landing - Yorktown
The ones that are in italics are the ones we have done. Of course some of them will be repeated... especially the pool & beach. And some of these they have already & I haven't suggested to them. The kids will also do a camp one week in July & we have a 4 day beach vacation planned for Aug. So now I'm down to needing 67 days of activities... And I have 66 that we haven't done, yet. So I think we should be in good shape! I'll be updating throughout the summer!

Now, as we all know... Sometimes, despite our best efforts our kids will still fight! When this happens, I have my children do a group chore together, without fighting, otherwise they will have another one. But this normally stops the problem! :)

**What do you do when your kids are bored??? Do you have any other ideas???

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