Saturday, June 18, 2011

Marriage Built to Last

Last night, our church hosted a marriage teaching on Chip Ingram's "Marriage Built to Last"! The focus all comes down to putting Christ at the center of your marriage! It was such a great night of teaching, sharing & commitments. There were over 50 couples present!

My husband and I were blessed by the opportunity to be able to speak. Our topic was "Breaking Down the Walls". This topic is definitely one that we've been forced to walk straight through... It was either that or divorce. It is only by the grace of God that we can now say, we are 100% committed & divorce is not an option for us! It is crazy to think of us being in this "place" right now. I always say, if God can do what he has done for us... There's hope for ANYone!

In creating a "Marriage Built to Last", you must agree to make a lot of hard decisions for the sake of your marriage:

- Choose to commit 100% to your marriage & that divorce is not an option.
- Choose to put your spouse 1st above everyone, in every situation... Including yourself!
- Choose to make your relationship with God a priority!
- Choose to take inventory of yourself & your past.
- Choose to deal with the issues from your past that affect your present.
- Choose to communicate with your spouse... instead of avoiding.
- Choose to spend time ALONE with your spouse.
- Choose to find an area to serve together with your spouse.
- Choose to be vulnerable & intimate with your spouse.
- Choose to give your spouse permission to be human and mess up.
- Choose to to look to God do the healing... not your spouse.
- Choose to have realistic expectations.
- Choose to have constructive conflict.
- Choose to adjust sexual intimacy to the "seasons" in your life.

That may sounds like an overwhelming list, but God is the only hope for a lasting, fulfilling marriage. I encourage you to take the steps that will lead you down this road. It is definitely a journey worth taking!

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  1. Wise words from a young woman....but one that has taken on the role of wife and mother with great passion. I know many will be glad that you have shared. love you.