Tuesday, June 7, 2011

NEW Printable Coupons

  If you don't see these coupons use the zipcode listed. Since, the page goes to straight to coupons.com it is a good idea to write a list of what you want & the corresponding zipcode. 
  You can "clip" the coupon & then change the zipcode & it will still be saved for printing even if you don't see it. Just look up in the right hand corner & it will tell you how many you have "clipped" to print. This number shouldn't change even when you change zipcodes. And all of the coupons from coupons.com are available to print twice. Print NOW what you will use before they're gone!

Use zipcode 23322:
Use zipcode 40303:
Use zipcode 90210:
Use zipcode 53017:
Use zipcode 07039:
Use zipcode 99208:
Use zipcode 16066:
    **Check out the other posts to print those too. Just click here or on the label "Printable Coupons" & it will pull up all the other posts of printable coupons. Happy clipping!

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