Sunday, June 12, 2011

News to ME!

  So, this weekend has been packed to the max with all good things! Friday we kicked off Summer by spending all day at the pool. We had a cookout with friends that night! Saturday night we spent with "new" friends! A family that has 6 kids... They actually have more than us! And that NEVER happens! Lol It was so refreshing to be in a kid friendly house with other parents that can block out the noise! We may have over stayed our welcome, because we were having such a great time! :)
  Sunday, my husband had the privilege of baptizing my son! And after he went 3 others came forward to do the same! God is already using him in a mighty way! I'm so proud of him! 

The Rite Aid & Walgreens deals are up! A few great deals this week. Remember the grocery store ads don't change until Weds. So there is still time to get to shop at Harris TeeterFarm Fresh. I will post my Meal Plan tomorrow. 
How have you done this week??? Did you make your Meal Plan? Did you shop? I love hearing of your success!

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