Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday 6/05 Info

  Make sure you get the paper today... if not multiples! Today is the PG insert that makes the best deals on toothpaste & razors for the month! But double check the paper for the coupons before you pay for it. My husband went to the dollar store for me & ALL the papers had no coupon inserts! :/ Hopefully 7-11 will have them! 
  Also, the Rite Aid page & Walgreens page have the updated deals posted! Lots of great freebies & moneymakers! If the items you want are out of stock & you can't make another trip back this week, make sure you get a raincheck!  

  I plan on enjoying this rainy Sunday by relaxing with my family & avoiding all my chores! This is the kids last week of school & right now I'm ready for it! I think I'm more over alarms, projects, homework & schedules than my kids! I'm sure I'll feel differently soon! Lol I have been strategically planning our summer to keep them busy! We'll see how it goes! If I've learned one thing as a mom... It would be that NOTHING EVER goes as planned! 
What are you planning this summer???


  1. To have them all get part time jobs lol.

  2. @Greg aka Hubby - Good luck with that!

  3. Yah... got a 2nd paper without the pg insert... was mad!!! Alas!

  4. @ Rebecca - I got 4 papers from 7-11 & they had the Smart Source coupons, but not the pg. Very upset about that! But my mom said she got them in her 7-11 paper. So, I'm thinking of calling the Pilot & see what the deal is. Frustrating though, because they definitely make for the best deals!