Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Stuff

The Rite Aid & Walgreens deal matchups are posted! I skipped the Drug Stores last week, because I really didn't need anything & I wanted to get some extra things at the grocery stores! I haven't decided yet, what I'll do this week! Because I still want to go back to Farm Fresh & Harris Teeter to get some more things! 

This past week my 2 older kids were away at camp! I thought the house would feel so quiet without them... I was wrong! I don't know if the 2 younger are just the loudest or if they just decided to compensate for the lack of people!?!? The kids had an absolute blast at camp & I managed to keep the ones at home busy! We went to the pool 3 times this week, played in the sprinkler, had a movie night, played w/ play-doh, legos, computer games, the wii, colored, and much more!

We have decided to get Busch Gardens Fun Card passes! Hopefully, we can make it this week! The kids have been saving up their report card money to go to Great Wolf Lodge, and they actually have almost all they need! But they chose to take some money out to pay for their passes! We are not going to the Lodge until the winter, so they decided they will have at least 2 report cards to earn the money back! They are already such great decision makers... Wonder where they get that from??? :) 

I will post my Meal Plan in the morning... With summer started & us making last minute plans with family & friends we have not been following it entirely! Not eating out... but not eating exactly what's on the menu! So, if you notice some repetitions from the past weeks, it's not because we eat the same few things, but because we didn't eat them the weeks before! 

That's my week in a nutshell! So far... I've managed to stay since summer has started! We'll see how long it lasts! I'm guessing I'll loose it the week in July when my husband & mother are gone for 8 days on a missions trip! Stay tuned...

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