Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Tweeking... The Cleaning Schedule

This past week I worked on creating my cleaning schedule like I posted about last week! It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. I listed the things that need to be done weekly & monthly. I tried to schedule one "long" chore, one "short" chore & one chore *my kids can help with every day. I also scheduled monthly chores to be done on a specific week of the month.

 Here is my cleaning schedule:


Clean appliances & cabinets

Hard floor

*Clean my bathroom


Lysol house

Clean kitchen sink



Kitchen floor

Window blinds

*Clean kids bathroom


Dust house

Vacuum ceilings/fans

*Shake out rugs


Organize papers

Vacuum downstairs

*Clean downstairs bathroom



Clean rooms

*Vacuum rooms


Meal plan


* Clean under couch & coffee table


Week #1

-       Clean refrigerator

-       Towel laundry

*   Clean garage

Week #2

-       Sweep outside

-       Clothes laundry

*   Wash cars

Week #3

-       Vacuum couch

-       Sheet laundry

*   Windex windows & mirrors

Week #3

-       Vacuum cars

-       Clothes laundry

-       Clean oven

*   Clean baseboards
- Everyone is responsible for cleaning up after themselves.
- Empty the dishwasher in the morning, so that everyone can load their own dishes throughout the day 
- Run the dishwasher every night.
- Make sure the meat is thawed for dinner that night
- Start a load of laundry 1st thing in the morning - dry & put away by the end of the day. Everybody can put away their own clothes (except my youngest). 
- Complete the chores on the schedule either during naptime or while I'm preparing dinner. 
- I will have everyone help clean up the table & kitchen after dinner. 

I have decided that this will be a guide... Whatever is not completed that day I will not stress over. This is to help me, not make me feel guilty! 

Did you make your schedule???

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