Monday, July 25, 2011


Things in my house are finally back to normal! My husband, Greg, is home from a week in Mexico. The kids & I are sooo happy to have him home! It may have been difficult to be apart for so long, but it really was a great learning experience!  

We picked him up from the airport on Saturday night! I was so excited to see him, I ran past my kids & jumped into his arms! I was determined to get the 1st hug & kiss! Hehe 

We had a great night of looking at pics, receiving presents from him, watching his video & chatting late into the night. We kept saying, "Ok, this is the last thing I'm gonna tell you & then I'm going to bed." This happened until about 2/2:30am! We are so lucky to really be best friends! I talk to him more than any of my girlfriends!

We had a great morning at church and after lunch we had the BEST nap ever! We are both recovering from the week... Him trying to catch up from jet-lag & I from getting 4-5hrs. of sleep every night! 

On another note... I have decided to make some changes to my blog! I think they should all be positive changes for both you & myself! I will no longer post a complete list of store sales. 
I will no longer have a specific page for the drugstores. But I will have a post of the freebies for Walgreens & Rite Aid and then have a link to another site for the complete list of coupon matchups! 
For Farm Fresh & Harris Teeter, I will still have the pages, but I will only post what I plan on buying w/ a link to another site for the complete list of coupon matchups! And then, of course, I will still post any store trips! 

This will save me time & declutter my blog for easier viewing... Win-win situation! According to my blog "statistics", I found that very few people are actually looking at the complete list of sales anyway, and the most viewed posts are my trips! 

I am also going to start a Recipe page... This will have a link to all the new recipes that I am trying every week. 

I'm always open to suggestions & constructive criticism... So, let me know if you have anything!

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