Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Man in Mexico!!!

How did this happen??? I purposely did not marry a military man, despite living in a military hub! When dating, I never even looked twice at a man considering enlisting. Why? NOT because I don't appreciate our military & their service immensely! But I had grown up with a military Dad & KNEW I could never be separated from my spouse like that... Doing the single mom thing. And yet, here I am as "single-mom" for the next 8 days while my hubby is in Mexico for a mission's trip with our church! Craziness...

Sooo, I know I have many friends & followers out there that are military wife 'veterans' and I give you major props! Please excuse my whining over the next few days! I may annoy some of you seeing as it is "only" 8 days... I'm sure most of you will find it comical, reading of my stresses as you think of your experiences! 

I have always heard that the moment your husband leaves things fall apart! Well... I am now a believer of that, because not more than 1 hour after his flight took off, my cell phone stopped working! This is the ONLY phone we have... No house phone. And I also use it for my internet connection. 

Greg called me when he landed for his layover & I couldn't answer!!! Tragic. I know! But now it has started working! Have no fear, I survived being technologically disconnected for 7 hours! We shall see how the rest of the week goes! 

Luckily I have signed my 3 oldest children up for a day camp this week! This should give me a break & keep them occupied! They were devastated this morning when we dropped him off! FYI: I went on the same exact trip in January & they did not have the same reaction upon my departure! Just sayin...

In all honesty, I really am truly excited for my husband to experience this trip! I guess the fact that he will be so missed is because he is such a good husband & dad! Like I said, I went in January & it was life-changing! So for my spouse to now be able to experience it for himself is awesome! My mom, brother & many friends are also there. I will be in constant prayer for them! I cannot wait to hear of their experiences! 

"Yet I am not alone, for my Father is with me."
~John 10:32~

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