Thursday, July 28, 2011

Random Trip to Walmart

Total Sale Value = $15.74
Total Paid = $9.99

So, a new Walmart opened up down the street from my house & I received a promo $5.00 giftcard... Otherwise, there is no way I would be caught there! EVERY time I go there I end up leaving saying, "When will I learn?" 

Now I know some of you are probably up in arms, because you love Walmart & believe that "their prices are sooo much cheaper than Farm Fresh or Harris Teeter even without coupons"... If that is you... Let me say, with all due respect, that you are flat out wrong. Their grocery prices on average are not cheaper & they do not double coupons (this is part of "How to Increase the Value of your Coupons"). Also, their produce prices may be comparable, but not always high quality. As for their other many products, they can be less pricey than other places, such as Target. But also keep in mind, the quality may be less & the service is normally a lot of the times less.

So, that's the end of my rant... High five to you, if you've lasted this long! 

Here's what I got: 

Plums $1.25/lb. = $1.66
Red Delicious Apples 5lb. bag $5.97
Milk $3.37
Hillshire Farm Turkey Lunchmeat $3.00
Worcestershire Sauce $1.36 - $0.75/1 French's Worcestershire Sauce (SS 05/15/11) = $0.61
= $14.99 - $5.00 gift card = $9.99

**Plums & apples were a good deal. Milk was needed. Lunchmeat was "needed" & a decent price w/out coupons. Worcestershire was needed & a decent price for the size w/ a coupon. 
To further prove my point of why I don't shop there... Before I shopped, I to return a bike that was delivered damaged. They gave me a giftcard for the returned amount. We went back & found a bike to buy, but no boxes. We took the barcode up to the cashier and told her we didn't know how to get the bike, because there were no boxes. She then scanned the tag, we paid for it & she told us to "Have a nice night." Ummm... WE HAVE NO BIKE, REMEMBER??? Lol Gotta love Walmart.... But I don't have to shop there! :) 

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