Friday, July 22, 2011

Shhh... It's a Secret!

This week has been a whirlwind, with my man in Mexico! Surprisingly, my days have gone by quickly & my nights seem to last FOREVER! I thought for sure I would be wanting to pull my hair out everyday, counting down the minutes until the sun goes down... According to my kids "it has to be dark to go to sleep." Where do they get this stuff from?!?! 

But I have actually enjoyed my time during the day with my youngest, while the older kids are at camp & then our relaxing evenings together. We have managed to fall into a nice routine: camp drop-off, errands & pool w/ Isaac, home at 2pm with everyone for naps & resting for 2hrs (may or may not be my fav time of the day), dinner & hanging out til bedtime @ 9pm.

We have also had quite a few of my girlfriends over in the evenings... We have loved the company! I have really loved having extra time with my friends, since my husband's been gone. Friendship becomes harder when you're married!

Now my nights on the other hand.... Completely different story! The earliest I have fallen asleep this week has been 1AM! Every other night I have been up til 3am or 4am! I sit here wide awake... Hoping to hear from hubby, remembering my Mexico experience in January, reading random blogs, watching tv marathon's of shows my husband would never watch (Hoarders, Intervention, True Life, Toddlers & Tiaras), etc.

So, of course being left alone with my thoughts... I have had too much plenty of time to come to a few epiphanies! Now anyone who knows me, knows that I hate being wrong!!! But... I have to admit... that I have realized a few things this week... that have changed my perspective! So maybe I'm not neccessarily "wrong", just now I know better! That sounds better! How much change can you expect from one girl??? Sheesh!

Here are a few of those things I have realized that have "changed my perspective":

  1. My husband, Greg, has a tremendous effect on the tone/mood of our home! 
  2. My husband makes our home so much more of a fun environment! I always thought I was the fun one, but apparently he just brings the fun out in me!
  3. I already knew that my husband is the "affectionate parent"... But I didn't realize how much the kids & I appreciate that! We all can't wait to hug & kiss him!
  4. I am soooo thankful that Greg is the spiritual leader in our family and is on his own spiritual "quest"! It encourages & pushes me in mine! 
  5. We have an amazing connection... a true 'oneness'!
  6. I have no reason not to be the wife Christ has called me to be! What does that mean??? Kiss his feet, agree with him on everything... NOT! ~1Peter 3:1-6~ I need to give my husband the respect he deserves & work on being the best woman & Godly example I can.  
  7. I need to put my trust in God that Greg will be the husband God has called him to be. ~1Peter 3:7~ With all the positive things in our relationship, I really have no reason not to believe in him and us... It is scary, but if (and most likely when) Greg falls short, that is why my trust is in GOD & not in Greg.
  8. It is important for me as a Christian, to help others in any way I can to show the love of God! ~Matt 28:18-20~ Whether that is a mission's trip to Mexico or being friendly to my neighbor... I am called to show love!

**These have been difficult things to learn... And probably even more difficult to live out daily! But I am looking to God for my strength in succeeding & His grace when I fail. Pray for me! If you'd like to share with me your changes in perspective, I'll be sure to pray for you too!

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  1. amazing insight! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the post!! I would be the same without my hubby for so long!! Enjoy the moment he walks in the door!!