Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Farm Fresh Trip w/ Kids 7/20

So, I did make it to Farm Fresh today... 4 kids and all! It wasn't too bad! Took less than 30 minutes! 
Truth be told, I really didn't need to go shopping. But with my man in Mexico, I am trying to avoid going stir crazy! Shopping is also my secret passion! I do a good job at suppressing it, but it does come out when I'm bored & we have extra money! 
I didn't take a pic of the items I bought... We're just lucky we all made it home. No one left at the store = Point for me! 

I went for:

London Broil @ $2.99/lb.
Pull-Ups 2/$20 - $4.00 in coupons = 2/$16.00 + $5.00 CAT = $2/$11
Charmin Toilet Paper 12 rolls $4.99 - $4.00 in random coupons I had = 2/$5.98
Milk = FREE from Catalina earned last week

I ended up also grabbing:
Bread on sale for $0.99
Dukes Mayo on sale for $2.88 - $1.10 coupon = $1.78
(I was really happy about that)

**Any shopping for you today??? Or secret passions???


  1. I just got back from FF. Again, I wish I would have got myself up and there before work. Got 2 'free' tubes of Crest, 2 'free' M&Ms, and some almost free Gerber toddler treats :o)

  2. @Jen - Already stocking up on baby things... What a good 'mommy to be' you are! Why do you wish you would've gotten their earlier??? Because things were out or just because? If things are gone, get a rain check & buy it next time you go back!