Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Tweeking... The Junk Drawer

The dreaded junk drawer! So we all have them... Maybe even multiples. We have one in our kitchen. They seem to hold a great purpose. They can hold anything we are sure we need, but not sure where to store. 

In our case... I feel like the junk drawer is just a temporary holding place, until I can figure out where I want it. And then end up forgetting what I have put in there and it's too junky to be able to find it! Whenever I finally get around to cleaning it out I end up throwing most of the things away! So frustrating!

So I am finally fed up with the disorganization (here & other places in my home). This time I am getting serious & instead of just throwing out a few things & then throwing everything back into it in a pile of mess. I am actually organizing it & will not be putting in things that do not belong!


I am almost embarrassed to post the "before pic", but I KNOW I'm not the only one out there. Here is my process & how I plan to keep my junk drawer from becoming junky again!

1st - I took everything out.
2nd - I sorted everything - keep, donate, trash
3rd - I sorted everything to keep - put everything where it goes
4th - I place everything I am keeping in drawer in a specific place.


I already had the plastic sorters. This will hopefully ensure that I cannot just throw things into the drawer, because the items in there will have a specific place. When things are organized, it saves time & energy when you are looking for something you need. I will have a few less cord in there once my hubby comes back from Mexico. I don't want to throw anything out we may still need... Been there. Done that. :)

**How about you??? What's the state of your junk drawer? How many do you have? Do you have a system for keeping it organized & functional? Or is it time to tweek??? For more organizing ideas check out this post.

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