Thursday, August 25, 2011

Farm Fresh Fuel Express Gas Rewards

Farm Fresh has a great program to help you save money on gas! For every $10 of qualified items purchased, you will receive $0.01 off a gallon of gas!

This may not sound like a big savings, but you can redeem up to 5 rewards at one time & that can add up quickly! I normally save them up & then use them all together to fill up my tank. The regular gas price is normally average, if not low & with the added gas savings, you can save significantly! 

This is what I have from the last 2 weeks of shopping. I earned $0.05 from this trip. I earned $0.02 & $0.08 from this trip. The current price as of 8/25/11 is $3.45/gallon - gas savings = $3.30/gallon

Here's some extra tips/info:

1. I do not know exactly how it is calculated when using coupons.
2. Purchasing a gift card does not count towards gas savings rewards.
3. The maximum reward you can earn on one receipt is $0.50
4. The max you can pump of discounted gas is 20 gallons, after that it will return to the regular price.
5. You can only redeem the rewards one time, whether you pump 5 gallons or the whole 20 gallons.
6. Gas Rewards expire 30 days from when earned.
7. A max of 5 Gas Rewards or $2.50 discount can be redeemed at one time.
8. To redeem at the pump you just scan the receipt. If you need assistance, there is an employee there to assist you.

**To see a list of participating stores & locations, click HERE.

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  1. I love the Farm Fresh gas rewards I had a save 13 cent a gallon, 8 cents a gallon and i think a 3 cents a gallon!! Really enjoyed that fill up!!