Thursday, August 25, 2011

Inexpensive Hurricane Preparation

So apparently, Hampton Roads, VA is going to be hit right on by hurricane Irene! Va has now been declared a "State of Emergency"! Which is hard to believe when you look outside right now, because it's gorgeous!

I am less than thrilled about this, but what can ya do??? Hopefully, you have all you need & will not need to go to the store... I hear they are craaazy! This is one of the pros to having a stockpile... Thankfully, I already have these items that I bought on sale, instead of having to go over budget, buying items at full price.

Here are a few ways to prepare:

1. Put away everything in your yard. Chairs, toys, tables, flower pots, ect. 
2. Tie down anything that can not be put away, but could possibly be picked up by the wind, like a trampoline.
3. Of course, batteries, water, flashlights, candles, lighters/matches, non perishable foods, propane, etc.
4. Fill up bathtubs to use for flushing toilets.
5. Have some things to entertain everyone... Games, books, toys ect.
6. Close any curtains you have, in case the window does break, it would help keep you safe from shattering glass.
7. Make sure cell phones are fully charged & minimize use until storm is over, in case they are needed for an emergency. (Try to avoid updating your FB! Lol)
8. Cash
9. Important documents sealed in something waterproof.
10. Pet travel items, in case you have to evacuate. (Leashes, crates, etc.)
11. Full tank of gas.
12. Here is a GREAT blog post about getting prepared & preserving your food in case you lose power. I plan on moving all my freezer items into my deep freezer & adding milk jugs, filled with water, to help fill the empty space. Freezers work best when full.

**Farm Fresh stores are the only local grocery store with a full generator in the great bridge area, which means they will remain full service, fuel included,  in the event of power loss. 

Do you have any other advice??? Who is planning a Hurricane Party?!?! :)


  1. Don't forget about you pictures, that was the most common thing I heard after Katrina was everyone wishing they still had some pics left!!

  2. Yes! Pics are a very good idea to put up in a safe waterproof place!
    Also, I was reminded that you should do your laundry, incase you lose power.
    And I forgot about my trashcans! I put everything else outside, in the garage, but forgot about those! :)

    Thanks Michelle!