Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Proud Than These Words Can Say

This weekend was awesome! Sunday morning my husband, Greg, spoke at our church, Real Life Christian Church! He has spoke there before, for different reasons, but only brief moments. And he has preached at other churches a handful of times, but the congregation has consisted of less than 100 people. Never has he preached the message at our church of 700 plus members

He has been diligently preparing for weeks! Nevertheless, I was still beyond nervous for him! I may have been more nervous for him, than he was for himself... But it proved to be entirely unnecessary! He did amazing! More than his speaking ability & content, he was so humble! His heart was so genuine! He really spoke honestly to the congregation, sharing his own struggles & experiences. He challenged people to move from their seats & be vulnerable before God & others! And the response was amazing! Even after the service was over, the people kept coming forward.... It was amazing to see the people coming forward asking for prayer, being broken & healed by God!

He spoke on the book of Ephesians, which is part of our One a Week series. We are reading through the books of the New Testament. He summed up the book with 4 main points: How to be a Child of the Light, How to Love your Spouse, How to have a Godly Parent/Child Relationship & How to put on the Armour of God. I encourage you to listen to his message. You can listen or download it from iTunes for FREE!

The encouragement Greg & I received from everyone was overwhelming! We clearly understand that Greg has been called to ministry... The timing, however, is not so clear! I share that to ask for prayer. Prayer for us to be patient, to be listening & willing to move when the time is right!

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