Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Tweeking... Sorting Laundry

Here is an interesting 'tweek' that is sure to get some feedback, which I fully embrace! 

Laundry... We all have to do it and for most of us, we all hate it! At least, I know I do! For me, the worst part is sorting & then putting away! In our home, if you don't bring it down to the laundry room & sort it yourself, it may never get washed. I like to be able to just pull clothes out of the laundry sorter & dump it in the washer. 

I am constantly looking for ways to simplify the laundry process, but it seems mostly impossible... Until now! I was reading this blog this morning & came across a very interesting technique!

What is it??? DON'T sort!!! *gasp* I know, right?!?! You want me to put the whites with the jeans and the socks and everything else??? Well, that was her suggestion! 

So I tried it this morning... My results??? Absolutely perfect! The above pic is the load I washed. As you can see, I had white t-shirts, bring blue & red shirts, camo shorts, & everything else. And here is how it came out.

My whites were white & the brights didn't run. I will definitely continue doing this!

She did give a few pointers:
- Add 1/2 cup white vinegar to the load
- or use Shout Color Catcher ($0.55 print coupon)
- Put in dryer right when it finishes

**Have you ever done this? Would you be willing to try? I'm not gonna lie, I had my doubts & made sure I didn't wash anything of mine & nothing that was anyone else's favorite! ;) What's the worst part of doing laundry for you??? Do you have any other shortcut suggestions???


  1. Laundry has never been a big deal to me. Yes, I have children. I am also a home day care provider with LOTS of laundry from these children. (towels, napkins, face cloths, etc.) ((I do not use throw a way paper products))
    I do 2 loads a day 5 days a week and 3 loads on Saturday when we change sheets. I have a front loader machine. I do not use my dryer. I hang our laundry outside or on racks in our home.
    I was all the underwear, towels, socks, etc. together. I wash a load of our clothes every day too. There are jeans, t-shirts, and my husband's uniforms everyday. By doing the 2 loads a day I stay on top of the laundry all the time.
    Roxie, in Texas

  2. Roxie - Good for you! I always try to stay on a schedule, but what always seems to end up happening is once I start doing laundry I do load after load for a few days, only fold half of it & then the rest sits in baskets. And then I'm so burnt out from doing so much laundry, I wait a week to start any again.
    The only time I have ever had every single bit of laundry done was when I was pregnant with my youngest son. My nesting consisted of doing every bit of laundry & stocking us up on toilet paper. I think we had about a years supply when he was born. Hahaha

  3. I never, I repeat NEVER sort our clothes. I have 4 small children and a husband who wears white dress shirts and slacks to work everyday. I've never had a problem. :)

  4. Confession: I tried not sorting a few loads. Every time I felt sooo anxious! Lol I actually had a blue shirt that we've had for over a year slightly bleed onto something else... Not a big deal, but I am back to sorting! Maybe I'm just too OCD to mix! Plus, I've been sorting for over 10 years now! Old habits die hard! :)

  5. I've been doing laundry this way for about 4yrs LIFESAVER!! And in that 4yrs I've had one thing bleed a tad bit!! I will clorox whites here and there. I'll never sort again my kids put their clothes straight into the washer and I run it every morning as I fold the load from the day before!

  6. I'm one of the crazies who love to do laundry, but with 7 people in our house, I still don't sort clothes. Takes too much time! Instead I wash towels and underwear with warm water...and wash everything else together in cold water.

  7. Yeah for you, Kristin. I wish I felt the same way! I get excited for a few hours, wash a bunch of stuff, start folding and then lose interest! Lol