Wednesday, August 24, 2011

VA Earthquake 2011

So where were you when the Earthquake hit??? I have found Facebook, Twitter & even the news hilarious, with all the 'reactions' being documented! I think I mostly find it so funny, because I was one of those who panicked! Lol 

I was sitting in a chair, in the living room & the kids were upstairs. At first, I thought the dog was bumping into the chair. Then I realized she wasn't moving & so I thought it was the trash truck, because it was trash day. But then I remembered it already came! I then noticed my legs were moving away from the chair, I jumped up, saw the ceiling fan move & stood there sweating & panicked, in a karate ready stance! I called the kids into the living room, turned on the tv & called my husband... He grew up in Cali & was there for the huge 9 point something earthquake! He would know what to do, right??? My hands were  so shaky, I could barely dial & felt crazy, because this "doesn't happen in VA"!!!! 

When my husband answered, I didn't want to blurt out, "There was an earthquake!", for fear of him laughing at me & blasting it on Facebook! So, I asked him if he felt anything. He said, "You mean the earthquake?" YES!!! I still felt crazy, because the the news hadn't cut into the soap operas, yet

Finally it came on... I then felt less crazy, but my kids were now freaked out from hearing the word "Earthquake"! I did my best to act like it was no big deal and assured them... God would protect us, I would do everything to protect them and the dogs. (They were worried the dogs wouldn't stand in the doorway.) And then my youngest son, Isaac, assured my 7 year old, Hannah, that if she was "about to die, he would save her!" To further appease them, I had to contact all of our family & friends to make sure they were alive & well... Of course they were! 

It was quite a crazy moment and now I can even laugh about it. But it did make me realize a few things:
1. My love for my kids, because I was more worried about keeping them safe and not panicked! It's quite the task when you're outnumbered! 
3. How much material items do NOT matter. 
2. We are not in control! We can do all we can to prepare for the present & the future, but in the end our trust must be in God & his power over all things! He is bigger than any natural disaster & even our own fear of those things!

On another note... It's a great shopping week at Farm Fresh! I'm going in a few! See my shopping list on the Farm Fresh page. Also, see my Harris Teeter shopping list. I might not be going if I can find any of the items I need at Farm Fresh.

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