Sunday, August 28, 2011

We Survived Hurricane Irene

This morning, I am so thankful my family is alive & well. We were left with very little damage & clean-up outside... There is definitely way more clean-up to be done inside, rather than outside! 
We spent the entire day downstairs together! And then when the storm intensified, we all moved to the front room, because it is furthest from trees & has less windows! On the downside, the room is so small, the 6 of us can all barely fit in there without touching eachother! Talk about a nightmare! We had 11 hours of quality family fun time yesterday! We did EVERYTHING possible to keep the kids from going crazy...

Racing Game


Pretend Play


Hurricane Irene may have disappointed some, because 'she' was less powerful by the time she made landfall, but I am more than thankful! I cannot even imagine weathering a Category 3 Hurricane! The sounds of the wind blowing the trees & whatever else outside was frightening enough as it was! I was glued to my laptop, trying to find every possible update. My husband, of course, thought I was ridiculous, saying, "You know the news is not going to tell you anything you don't already know, right? They can't tell you if a tree is going to fall on us!" I guess that was true, but at the time... I felt otherwise! 
My anxiety was through the roof, the kids were freaked out & the dogs were even scared! Our puppy/baby, Pearl, stayed at my feet or else hidden behind the chair I was sitting in, the entire day! This made me more worried, because our dogs never react to the weather... Not even the earthquake!

In the end, we were perfectly fine! We lost power for a few moments here and there, which was a huge surprise, because we regularly lose power in thunderstorms! We did have a big scare, while in the front room, when the winds had picked up! We were playing board games & something slammed into the wall of the room we were in! It turns out it was just a branch from our neighbors and there is no damage, but it would have been worse if there was a window! We also had 2 sections of our fence fall over, which is more of a pain than anything, because of the dogs going outside.
The wind did seem to pick up even more after they said the worst was over, so bedtime was a challenge for the kids... And myself! We let them all sleep together, but they were still "too scared to sleep"! So they laid on the living room floor with me for another hour or so, until 11pm and they were too sleepy to be scared! I on the other hand, finally fell asleep this morning at 5:15am & got about 5 hrs of sleep! Luckily the kids slept til 9am & I have lots of coffee to drink! :) 

In the end, there have been 9 confirmed hurricane related deaths... Two of those being children! And countless injuries to others. Lots of property damage. Hundreds of thousands are without power, which means lots of money lost of food products! The storm may have not done the damage expected, but that should not stop us from helping the few that do need help or support! For those of you who believe in the power of prayer, there are definitely a lot of people who could use some! 

On a completely separate note, the Rite Aid, Walgreens, & CVS FREEBIES are posted! Also, if you're from the area  Real Life Christian Church is holding a 6:00pm service... Everyone is welcome! 

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