Friday, September 16, 2011

Saying NO to Extreme Couponing

Chances are you have heard of the show "Extreme Couponing"... Maybe you even watch the show? This show, along with the failing economy has been responsible for motivating thousands to start couponing! Who doesn't want a garage full of toothpaste & condiments for pennies on the dollar???

But did you know that this show is also responsible for something a little less admirable??? Because of this show stores have been forced to change their coupon policies... And not to our advantage! Many stores have stopped doubling & are not allowing stacking anymore! This really cuts down on the savings. 

What does this have to do with the show??? The couponers feature on the show are using 'techniques' that are either dishonest, rude or even illegal. There has been reports of coupon fraud, people stealing others coupons from their newspapers or mailbox, there is hoarding and shelf clearers. All of these actions directly effect couponers as a whole.... Whether you participate in these things or not. 

Watch this video clip from ABC news to see their report on it! 

So what can you do??? 
  • Not watch this show
  • Always be honest when using coupons
  • Follow each stores coupon policy
  • Be a polite customer... Even when there are misunderstandings
  • Give positive feedback to the stores you shop at... Email, Facebook, Twitter, store website, call customer service, talk to manager.

**Do you watch this show??? Do you think there's anything wrong with how they shop??? I would really love to hear your thoughts!



  1. I watch it and I think it's insane about how much they save. But I feel like most of the items are things that you could not make healthy meals out of.

  2. Michelle - I agree! Which bothers me alot, because people assume that ALL couponers feed their family's unhealthy food.

  3. I agree with you. I would not mind the store putting more limits such as you can purchase only 4 of an item with a coupon or only allowing 4 like coupons per transaction to be doubled. I believe those measures will help prevent shelf clearers and still give others an oppurtunity to shop. That is one reason I really like shopping at CVS. You can still get a great deal. It may on one item, but you have to have a card and they limit it per customer by using their card. I can go on Thursday and still find items I would like to purchase or I can get a rain check for next time. Thanks for stopping by Pounds4Pennies.