Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Tweek... Looking & Feeling Good

Do any of these women in this picture look like you do on any given day??? Is your hair & makeup always perfect? Are you always in a dress, heels & shaven legs? NO??? 

Don't you wish sometimes that you could be THAT woman??? I know I do at times! But for the majority of us... That is not possible or maybe not even desirable.

I mean, of course, who doesn't want to wear all the latest styles? Who wouldn't love to have a closet full of fashionable clothes? Or have our hair & makeup look professionally done everyday??? 

So what's the problem??? We are REAL women, in the REAL world, working REAL hard, living on a REALISTIC income! 

We have a number of reasons why we don't look our best everyday. Here are some common excuses:
- I don't have the money
- I stay at home all day
- I want to be comfortable
- I don't have the right body
- I don't see the need

BUT consider this fact... How we dress directly effects our mood & therefore our day!!! Now you can't really be all that shocked! Right?

Think about it. If you are going out for a nice dinner, what do you normally wear? Something that makes you feel refined, pretty & presentable. When you slip on a pair of heels you can't help but feel sexy & confidant. What do you wear when you are sick or exhausted? Something comfy & baggy, like sweats. Now, ever notice what happens when you are sick & you get dressed nicely... You normally feel better!!!

If you wake up in the morning & do not get out of your pjs right away, you will most likely find yourself very unproductive that morning! But if you awake & shower, dress yourself nicely, do your hair & makeup, you will feel a sense of confidence & motivation!  

It is a proven fact that your mood is effected by how you are dressed! In a sense, your mood will rise to meet what your outfit portrays.

I know firsthand that being a stay at home mom can make it especially difficult to care about how you look. But I also know, that when my husband walks in the door I want to greet him looking good!!! He's been out working all day, probably in the presence of some presentable women, and I want him to come home & like what he sees! :) This does not mean that everyday I am looking perfect, but I do try to look my best. Which means dressed in something I would go out in public in, with makeup & clean hair!

Here are a few things for you to commit to for one week:
  1. Get dressed EVERY day.
  2. Wear makeup EVERY day.
  3. Fix your hair EVERY day.
  4. Wear at least 1 piece of jewlery EVERY day.
  5. Wear perfume EVERY day.
  6. Shave your legs.
  7. Wear shoes other than flip-flops or running shoes.
  8. Buy 1 new item that makes you feel good... Look at sale & clearance items, even at the thrift store. It doesn't have to be expensive!
Can you commit to this for one week??? Make note of your mood... See if you notice any changes. Let me know of your findings! How do you feel about what you normally wear? Do you think it does effect your mood and/or your day? Thursday we will continue this conversation with how the colors you wear effect your mood!!!

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  1. I find these things true in my life. Our identity or self-worth isn't based on what we wear, makeup, hair, jewelry but, we should try to look our best. Not only for ourselves but, for our husbands. When we dated our hubbies we looked our best, now, we don't have to be the fanciest at all hours of the day but, we can try for most the day :). Hope you can link this up at my Homemaking Party :).

  2. I def feel like I'm in a better mood when I take the time to make myself look nice, partly because I get to spend time on ME. And when I was in college, I showered and did my hair and makeup religiously, every morning before class. I always felt like my days got off to a good start if I got myself moving. However, now, it def doesn't feel like it's worth all the effort - maybe because most days it doesn't seem necessary or seems like it will go unnoticed. When Sam is on midnights, there are days I don't see him until he wakes up to say gnight to the girls...and by then, it's been a long day and I definitely look like it's been a long day. Lol. But, I am going to give this a shot and see if I feel differently, and to see if sam even notices.

  3. This is definitely true for me. I enjoy looking my best. It makes me feel good. And I like knowing that I'm looking my best for my hubby. And he is thankful... he even tells me very often that he appreciates me taking care of myself and looking nice for him.

  4. @DWYHomemaking - Yes! Before I was was married I definitely made sure I looked a lot better! Lol And my husband wears a suit everyday to work, so I like looking nice when he gets home! :)

  5. @Kelley - It definitely doesn't always feel worth it when you're home all day! I have to admit when my kids were all younger like yours, it was waaay more difficult to even shower! They need a lot more of our time at that age! So I don't think you should ever feel GUILTY that you don't always look your best, but if it's a positive thing for YOU (and your hubby) then you should do it! Let me know how you do this week!

  6. This is so true! I am always more productive when I take the time to get dressed and make myself look nice for the day. I feel better about myself and in turn am more apt to get things done!

  7. Great post, and I agree wholeheartedly! I am more prone to be lazy all day if I were to stay in my pj's, I actually got rid of my sweat pants because they were just too comfy and I just wanted to laze around. I always try to freshen up my make-up, brush my teeth, spray on a little perfume before my DH gets home.
    Thanks for sharing, and very cute blog!
    Julianne :)

  8. Great post! Clothes can tell your body that are going to WORK today or tell it that we are just going to goof off and be lazy all day!

    I used to save all my "good" clothes for going out of the house, and just wear t-shirts or sweatshirts with my jeans all day.

    If you go to my blog and go back a couple of days you will see that I have joined Lindsey's "What I Wore Wednesday" meme, whose goal is to get moms out of their sweats or yoga pants and get them dressed every day! You should join us, it's fun!

    Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

  9. Visiting your site from the Women Living Well Blog Bash and it is true that we must take the time to "spruce up" not only for our husbands but for ourselves. Please check out my blog when you get a chance.