Monday, September 12, 2011

Tuesday Tweeking... Storage

I don't know anyone that hasn't had some type of storage problem... Either not knowing how to store, where to store, being able to purchase items need for storage, etc. And when you become a parent, the problem only escalates! The kids stuff can seem to take over if you're not careful! 

Thankfully, after much trial & error, I have now become quite good at keeping the amount of toys my kids have paired down. (Excuse me, while I pat myself on the back.) Don't get me wrong, we still have a lot of stuff... We have four kids for cryin out loud! We have no choice. We are out numbered! But I still don't want my house to look like it is overflowing with kids items!

So the solution??? Use storage that conceals! Storage that doesn't look like it's holding toys, crayons & whatever else! This of course, doesn't apply to only kid stuff. 

And while your budget may be small, there are still ways to succeed! I suggest looking at yardsales, thrift store, clearance items and my favorite is of course FREE!!! Free items can be received on,, or on the side of the road, especially on trash days!

Here are some of the things I have come up with for storage at little to no cost:

  This is my dining room. It is actually a dresser, but I like it here! It works great to display things on. I picked this up for FREE from Freecycle.

You can see I have the drawers filled with my china, teapots, cookbooks & seasonal decorations & candles. In the other drawers I have some kitchen linens & extra picture frames. All the functions of a china cabinet, but smaller & FREE.

This is my front room. Actually one of my favorite decorated rooms. That dresser was hideous & dated when we got it, again for FREE from Freecycle. But my hubby sanded, refinished, stained & put on new hardware. I love it! And the wicker basket I bought from TJ-Maxx for less than $20.

This dresser is actually for the kids art & game storage. Each drawer has a separate purpose... Play-doh, cards, crafts, coloring books, workbooks, crayons, etc.  

This is a toy box, but from the outside you can't tell it is holding all of my youngest son's goodies!

This is a sitting area in my living room.

This ottoman is also another toy box of Isaac's. I bought it from the thrift store for $10. I plan to recover it one day. Should be simple enough to do with some fabric & a staple gun!

This is also in my living room, on my back wall behind my couch. This was also FREE from Freecycle.

In this armoire, I have a shelf for my husbands baseball cards & comic books, a shelf for billing info & important papers and a shelf for my husbands school papers. Isn't this so much nicer looking than a filing cabinet?

**What do you think of my storage solutions??? What have you found works for your storage dilemmas? 

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  1. LOVE the idea of the dresser and armoir! I hate looking at stacks of paper...I have a dresser in kaylea's closet for craft supplies and dress up fits perfectly in there. I also love storage bins for under her bed. She has a trundle bed, but we don't have the extra mattress under it, so full size bins fit perfectly under there. I always stock up on bins after Christmas when they are on clearance at WalMart or Target...(who cares if they're red and green, if they're out of sight :) I also like to use those plastic containers from the grocery store that organic greens come in...the spinach and stuff that's prewashed...I keep paints in one, and ribbons and stuff in another and so on...they stack nicely, are clear so you can see what's in them and if they get ruined, you can just toss them! I stack them on a shelf in her closet...and they're free!
    -Katie Moore

  2. Great idea on the spinach containers! I like clear things so you can see what's in them... and free! :)

  3. I have a small Chicago home so I look for ways to conceal my "stuff". Under beds, shelves behind clothing rods in closets, under stairs, etc. I work at a school so I try to recycle the boxes from copier paper. I cover them in some wrapping paper or fabric and they look pretty on my shelves.

  4. Love the idea of the boxes covered with wrapping paper. :)

  5. I use copier paper boxes also. I write on the outside of the box exactly what is inside with a black marker. I store them on shelves in the garage. I can go directly to each box and get what I need when I need it. When my kids (three girls) were in school, I had a copier box for each of them. Their name was printed clearly on the outside of the box. Throughout the year, I put in special artwork, letters, cards from friends, family and teachers, report cards, classroom group pictures and anything significant. When they moved out into thier "own space" I gave each of them 2 full boxes of "memories". This method kept track "stuff" from accumlating and kept me organized on a daily basis.

  6. I currently have a shoebox for each child, but I my oldest already has 2... I think the paper box might be a better idea! :)

  7. I miss having room for dressers in various rooms; they are ALWAYS great storage options!

  8. I LOVE your storage ideas and your home is lovely! That way you can have a pretty, tidy home without being overrun by toys. Very clever.

    Thank you for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday! I'd appreciate it if you'd put a courtesy link back to the meme on your post so that others can join us too, thank you!

  9. Great ideas, I also love out of sight storage- we keep the kid's board games in a hutch in the dining room as well as my craft center in a dining room cabinet. I love decorative baskets for organizing too. I love all of your great freecycle finds- how cool!!

  10. Hi, I'm visiting from the Blog Bash! Dressers are so multi-functional. Having a decent closet, the one thing I don't need it for is clothes!

    Rachel @