Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bob a.k.a Gregory Jr.

Today is my oldest son's 10th birthday! I can barely believe it! It seems like just the other day he was too spoiled to walk and relied on his sister to 'talk for him'! Hehe He was quite the whiny baby and toddler, but has ironically turned into our most mild child! 

It seems the older Bob gets the easier he becomes. He is very mild and soft spoke. He is a great listener. He is definitely an approval seeker and enjoys succeeding in everything! His latest passion is baseball! He has loved being the 'star'! He plays pitcher, catcher & short!

He is a perfectionist in everything, from his looks, to playing sports, to his school work! This was his summer Justin Beiber look! He had the hair flip down & everything!

He has a protective love for his family, especially for his little brother.  He is a hardworker and enjoys helping out! He gets that and his looks from his Dad.

He is as smart as can be... He's always gotten straight A's! All the boys want to be his friend and all the girls want to be his 'girl'! (This was told to me by a teacher!) He's just so easy to be around and has really become a great leader & example!

My husband says I've molded him to be the best husband, which will definitely be both a blessing and a curse! Because his wife will have found a prize, but I might be the worst Mother-in-law, because I will know he is perfect! Lol

Bob is definitely becoming quite the little man... And his father & I could not be more proud! As you may know he is my stepchild, but I have been with him almost from the start of his life and him and I barely know the difference between a title & blood! 

I am excited to watch him grow into a young man!

**P.S. The name Bob came from his sister, Dilon. She was barely 1 yr old when he was born and just learning to speak. When she said baby, it sounded like 'Bobby'. So in an effort to 'speak her language', everyone started to say it. And now it has stuck! Since starting school, he decided to go by Gregory... I will never be able to do this! :)


  1. he is such a great kid because you guys are amazing parents!! love you guys so much :)

  2. I love that grandson of mine!!