Monday, October 24, 2011

Making Your Home a Haven #4


How are you doing with the Fall Challenge??? Have you stayed committed??? I know that this is a long challenge, but the purpose and hope is that some of these things will become habits!

We all want peace in our home, but how can it happen if we are not trying, preparing, praying and aware of the times we are not contributing to that peace? So persevere, ladies!

If you are just joining us, you can still commit to the challenge! Here are the past weeks:
  1. Light a candle everyday and every time you see it, pray for peace in your home.
  2. Play positive, fun, uplifting music through out the day.
  3. List a few of the clutter spots in your home and make a plan for cleaning it up... Try these 4 steps to get started!

    This week we are going to continue with all of these past challenges listed... Keep your candle lit and praying. Keep the music playing. And if you have not cleaned up the clutter, you can play catch up this week! (I know I will be.)

    Now, to add to all of those things we have a two-part challenge for this week!

    Part #1: We are going to plan at least one family event! 

    What does your family enjoy doing together??? 
    - movie night
    - game night
    - pillow fights
    - dance party
    - nerf gun war
    - evening walks
    - jumping on the trampoline
    - reading books together
    - cooking/baking together
    - video games
    - playing catch
    - painting nails

    The list goes on... Take into consideration what your schedule allows time for, the weather and the age of your kids. 

    Planning a movie or game night for toddlers may be impossible and a stress inducer. But taking a walk or reading books might be the perfect thing to calm them down before bed.

    If you have teenagers they may dred the thought of hanging out & chatting with their parents. So why not take the pressure off and just make dinner together or play their favorite video game with them? Conversation is bound to happen and won't be as forced.

    Don't let this stress you out! If you are a planner/control freak like me, this may cause you to put added stress on yourself of coming up with the perfect family time spent together! But here's the truth... Your husband & kids could care less if you leave the kitchen messy, delay running an errand & have unfinished laundry to spend time with them!

    Purposing to have these moments in the middle of a plain week will bring unity and create some great memories with your family! We shouldn't only wait until special occasions or holidays to make memories!

    Part #2 - We are going to try to be extra affectionate this week! 

    Now if you are like me, this may scare you a little bit! This will definitely be tough for me! I am just not very 'touchy'! I feel claustrophobic almost always! Haha I don't know why... But I'm working on it!

    Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.
    ~ I John 3:18

    Our spouses and children really do need our touch! Actions speak louder than words! What are we silently communicating to our family???

    **I hope that you have enjoyed this challenge so far! And that you are noticing a difference in your home! Let me know what fun family moments you create this week!

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    1. I love what you said here: "We shouldn't only wait until special occasions or holidays to make memories!"

      So true! We had family night when the kids were little, and whenever our oldest comes home from college for a visit or break, we try to squeeze in at least one night for family fun.

      He was home this last weekend so we played a couple of board games (of which he won, lol!) Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday.