Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Tweek... Meal Plan Motivation

Have you ever tried meal planning? Do you think it's pointless? Do you not see any benefits of meal planning??? I used to feel the same way!

Or maybe you are committed to meal planning? You do it every week? Do you ever dread making your meal plan??? I know I do sometimes!

No matter which category you fall into this should be a motivating post for you! Maybe you should print it out and put it on your fridge as a reminder! 

There are no doubt a few downsides to meal planning...
  1. It takes time to sit down and plan your meals
  2. It requires you to make a more specific shopping list

So there you have it... Two things that can honestly sometimes make you feel like you never want to meal plan again! BUT... Those 2 'cons' do not outweigh all of the positives!

Here are 20 positives that I have come up with:
  1. Less likely to eat out = SAVING MONEY 
  2. More likely to sit & eat as a family 
  3. More likely to eat healthier 
  4. I feel less stressed about cooking knowing that I have planned my meals according to my schedule.
  5. I can plan my meal plan based on what I already have at home so that I don't have to buy as much at the store. = SAVING MONEY
  6. It eliminates running back to the store for more items to complete a meal. = SAVING TIME & MONEY 
  7. Ensures you only buy what you will use & not waste anything = SAVING MONEY
  8. Never have that dreaded moment of standing in the middle of your kitchen trying come up with a last minute meal idea off the top of my head, while everyone is telling you that they're "starving"!!!
  9. I enjoy cooking more, because I like to add in a few new recipes to try each week.
  10. I always have the ingredients in the house for whatever I’m making because I make up my menu plan before going grocery shopping. = SAVING TIME
  11. I always know what meat needs to be thawed before a meal. = SAVING TIME
  12. I can easily plan my weekly menu around what is on sale that particular week. = SAVING TIME & MONEY
  13. I plan quick and easy meals for busy nights (especially crockpot meals which can be prepared in the morning when I’m not rushed and have more energy). = SAVING TIME
  14. My kids and husband enjoy knowing in advance what is for dinner. 
  15. Helps me to avoid last minute, unhealthy, desperation meals. 
  16. I don’t have to spend any more time in the kitchen than is absolutely necessary. = SAVING TIME
  17. Knowing in advance what is coming up allows me to often prep one meal while making another. = SAVING TIME
  18. Dinner is organized so that I know what time we will eat every night!
  19. If I plan to eat out, I can make sure it is somewhere I enjoy and that I take advantage of discounts or coupons (kids eat free nights, BOGO meals, etc.) = SAVING MONEY
  20. It gives me something to blog about every Monday :)
So there you have it! If you have never meal planned or struggle to stay committed to planning, I hope this can help be your motivation! It does take a few extra minutes of planning in the beginning of the week, but it saves a lot of time and stress through out the week trying to figure out what to eat when your low on time and patience!
A huge reason that I can spend so little money on feeding my large family is because I meal plan!

If you are interested in trying to Meal Plan or want to know my process read THIS post. To get started you can download a FREE Menu Planner HERE.

*So what about you??? Do you meal plan? What other positives do you see? What keeps you motivated? If you haven't tried meal planning before, would you consider trying???

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    1. I like meal plannng, it's just hard because I don't always want to eat the same thing that I have planned.

    2. Michelle P - Haha I've run into that problem, too. To prepare for these nights I make sure that I have a few other options on hand... grilled cheese & tom soup, canned soup, sandwich, frozen meals/pizza. This way you're still not spending extra money, because you can work it into your budget!

    3. oh I have to meal plan...moreso in the cooler months then summer. We homeschool and makeing plenty of meals at the start of the week helps us to glide through our days. With 7 kids it is easier to make giant batches of family faves and just keep them on hand.
      Thanks for the reminder.

    4. Thanks. I have recently started to meal plan on a consistent basis. I have to admit it is a much easier week when I meal plan, than when I don't.

      Great Article.

    5. T- Wow! Seven kids AND homeschooling... You definitely need to be prepared! :)

    6. I live alone so meal planning is a bit different for me. I need to get on a schedule though because I run out of dinner foods and lunch foods at different times and have to make emergency runs to the grocery store, OR end up spending $10 on lunch near my office!

    7. @Brittany - I can definitely see how meal planning can be a bit different being single, but you would save a ton of money doing it! I know it's easier to think oh $5/$10 here and there doesn't add up, since you're only feeding one person.. But it does! I would look into meals that you could make 1/2 and eat some one night & freeze for another. Or rotate a few leftovers for lunch throughout the week! I wrote a post about saving Lunch Money (in June)... I think you'd like it!