Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Farm Fresh Trip 10/05

Total Sale Value = $22.15
Total Amount Paid = $19.15
  Another trip with buying mostly sale items & only 2 coupons! Again, I'm hoping you're realizing that you don't have to use 50 coupons a week to save money on your groceries! Just by buying sales items & produce that is in season will save you a ton!
Also, be ready to stock up on baking items! This is the time of year that these types of things go on sale the most! I would recommend buying at least double... Or if you bake a lot buy more! But again, don't go overboard & buy more than you need or go way over budget... That is not saving!

Grapes $0.99/lb. = $3.14

(3) Bread $0.99 ea. = $2.97

(4)Ramen Noodle Soup $0.25 ea. = $1.00

Peanut Butter $2.00

Pillsbury Flour $2.89

(2) Smart Balance Milk $3.19 ea.
 - (2) $0.75 printable coupon (use zipcode 27107)
= 2/$3.38 *cheaper than a gallon of milk!

Chicken Thighs $0.79/lb. = $3.27

**See the complete list of coupon matchups HERE. And please let me know what you plan to shop for this week! 

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