Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Harris Teeter Trip 9/30

Total Sale Value = $88.58
Total Paid = $56.78
SAVED 46% - Doesn't include produce savings!

Although this is not a normal shopping trip and total for me, I am very excited about it! Why??? Because this trip proves to all of those that think they can't cut their grocery budget without being a crazy "extreme couponer" that it is possible!!! 
 Also, the majority of my items are all fresh products... produce, meat, eggs, milk, bread, lunchmeat! Who said you can only get processed, unhealthy products on a budget??? I found all this produce on the sale rack... Every store marks down the produce they need to get rid of before it goes bad! (Just like they do for meat.) Buying these products will save you a substantial amount of money! See the extra explanation at the bottom of the page!

Here are the details!

(3) Campbell's Tomato Soup $1.00 ea.
 - $0.40/3 coupon 
 - $0.40/3 eVic coupon = 3/$1.80 or $0.60 ea.
(3) Campbell Harvest Select Soup 3/$3.73
 - $0.50/2 coupon 
 - $1.00 eVic coupon = 3/1.73 or $0.58 ea.
Dukes Mayo $4.15 
- $0.55 coupon = $3.05

(2) HT Whole Fryer Chicken $0.59/lb. = $4.93 Total for 8 1/2 lbs. of chicken
HT Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $2.49/lb. = $4.99

(2) McCormick Taco Seasoning Mix BOGO 2/$0.99
Hunts Tomato Paste $0.75
Sugar $2.57
HT Sandwich Bread $1.17
(3) PictSweet Frozen Broccoli $0.99 ea. = 3/$2.98
HT Medium Cheddar Cheese $2.00
HT Cottage Cheese 2/$3.00
HT Eggs 2 1/2 dozen $2.97
HT Milk Gallon $3.99
(2) Sara Lee Lunchmeat 10 oz. ea. BOGO 2/$4.99

Carrots 2lb. = $1.17
Hearts of Romaine Lettuce 3 pk. = $1.00
Lemons 7 pk. = $1.00
Apples 5.77 lbs. = $4.56
Peppers 3pk. = $1.49
Bananas 3.84lbs. = $1.50
Tomatoes 5 pk = $1.71

**For those of you who don't really know the prices of things, I want to put this into perspective for you...
  • A 1lb. bag of Baby Carrots are on sale for $0.99... For $0.17 more & a little extra time of peelings & cutting, you get an extra pound! 
  • A single head of lettuce is $1.79... For 3 hearts of Romaine I only paid $1.00! 
  • Lemons are regularly priced at $1.00 each. You can find them on sale 3/$1.00... I got 7 for only $1.00! (And just because lemons get a little discolored, doesn't mean they are bad, just less appealing.) 
  • Apples are regularly on sale for $0.99/lb... These were $0.79/lb. (You can easily cut out any 'bad' spots.) 
  • Peppers will sometimes go on sale for $0.99 a piece... I got 3 for $1.49! There were not bad spots, just slightly discolored. 
  • Bananas are about $0.55/lb.... These are $0.38/lb. They are not brown (not ripe enough for muffins or bread), just a few spots. They will be fine to eat & whatever else I will use for muffins. 
  • Tomatoes are always so expensive... I was thrilled to find these for only $1.00/lb.
= SAVED about $17.21 compared to sales prices!!! This is a perfect example of why you need to know the prices of the items you shop for, so you can know a sale when you see it!

This should give you a great perspective as to how it is possible to save money on groceries, even without coupons... You just need to take a few simple steps:
  1. Learn how to be a Smart Shopper
  2. Start Meal Planning
  3. Start Stockpiling

I hope this gives you an epiphany & gives you so motivation!!! See the Coupon Matchups HERE!

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  1. AWESOME job. Thanks for sharing your shopping trip at Pounds4Pennies.