Monday, October 31, 2011

My Target Trip 10/31

Total Sale Value = $26.40
Total Paid = 21.40

So after avoiding Target like the plague for over a month, I finally went shopping there today! I was lost in there for about 2 hours! Hehe I just love to walk around, look at everything, dream of decorating my house with everything in there or wearing all the clothes! Target is definitely a favorite store... Thus why I avoid going there sometimes! I don't think I know how to go in and NOT buy something! 
But today I decided to finally spend my birthday money that was burning a hole in my pocket! I weeded through all the clearance and sale items, while my youngest son Isaac just sat contently & chatted or played games on my phone! He's the best shopping kid EVER!!!
So here is what I left with... besides clothes! Everything was necessity & I decided to cheat on my meal plan tonight with a $3.00 frozen pizza! :)
Here's what I got:

Bag of Candy 2.5lb. $4.99
Market Pantry Lunchmeat $2.69
Mesh Shower Sponge (2) $1.00
Hungry Jack Syrup $2.59 
- $1.00 Target coupon = $1.59
Digiorno Pizza $5.00
- $2.00 coupon = $3.00
Tassimo Cappuccino $7.49 
- $1.00 Target coupon = $6.59
Market Pantry Pasta & Sauce $1.00 ea.
- $1.00 off both = 2/$1.00

  **I was happy with this trip, especially considering I went there for clothes! So without a lot of prep I still saved $5.00!! I also got a sweater, long-sleeved shirt, tank top, & scarf for $55!!! Do you just loooove Target as much as I do??? THIS site is the best for matching Target sales w/ coupons! Be careful... It can suck you in! Lol


  1. i would have liked to see the clothes :) lol

  2. Target is my weakness too. I seem to always spend way over my budget, but lately I have only been going when I have coupons or special offers.

  3. @Laura - Ha Of course you would! I did almost post it in the pic, too!

    @Christine - It's important to know your limits! Lol