Monday, October 3, 2011

Tuesday Tweek... Making your Home a Haven

I had a great response to last weeks Tuesday Tweek on Looking & Feeling Good and I think this week should be just as exciting! It seems we were all in agreement about how the way you're dressed is directly linked to the way you feel! To build on that we are going to have a fall challenge for Making your Home a Haven! 

Just the word 'Haven' has such a great sound to it! It sounds so warm and inviting! But how do we get this word to describe our homes??? Is it by having everything perfectly decorated? Is it because everything is in it's place? Is it by working all day in the kitchen? 

The answer??? NO! A home is made into a haven by the people who live in it! 

Starting today & continuing over the next 4 weeks I am going to give you some practical tips and challenges. I'm also going to be asking for your advice, as well. So please, be prepared to share!

The Fall season is finally here! Don't you love it??? The crisp feel of the air in the morning, the smell of fires burning, mums starting to bloom, the colors of orange, yellow & red everywhere, sweaters finally coming out of the closet... The change of season can bring such a refreshing change of tone in the home. 

Here are pictures of my Fall dining room decorations!

But at the same time, Fall can also bring with it a full schedule, a busy home and a tired family. And the way we react to this can set the tone for our entire household. As women, and even more specifically wives and mothers, we have a special ability to create a physical environment in our home that then has an effect on the spiritual & emotional tone of our home. 

It can be one of positive or negative effect... How many times have you been in a rushed moment and you react with irritation to your kids not following orders easily? What then happens??? How do your kids respond? Do they seem to start treating eachother with frustration & short tempers?

Now, how about when you calmly speak to your family? When you invite open dialogue? When you take time to engage in quiet, intimate conversation? I'm not saying these things come easy! They require a lot of patience, practice, deliberate actions and a lot of strength & grace from God.

This week we're going to start with burning a candle everyday in your home. (I'll be lighting mine in the kitchen, once I get home with the kids from school, otherwise I'm liable to leave the house with it lit!) A candle burning is such an inviting symbol... The aroma, the warmth and the glow it gives your home. 

Now to add to it, every time throughout the day as you see your candle burning, you're going to say a silent prayer for peace in your home! Our God is moved into action through our prayers! And we cannot accomplish what we want for our home without His strength!

“The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.” 
~ Proverbs 14:1

Do you agree??? Can you see your own temperament effecting the rest of your family's??? What do you do to Make your Home a Haven??? How can you avoid 'tearing down your own house'???

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  1. Great challenge...I always want my home to feel cozy, warm, peaceful and inviting...a place my boys will always remember as that and will actually want to come visit when they get older! I will be lighting my candles later as well, as I would most likely leave them burning when I was gone too! Thanks for another great blog! Jessica