Monday, October 10, 2011

Tuesday Tweek.... Procrastinating

I'll do it in a few minutes, or maybe tomorrow, or maybe next week... or maybe never!!! Sound familiar??? How many things do you have on your "To Do List" that never get crossed off??? Day after day, week after week do you find yourself writing the same thing down to get done and it just never happens?


I have become a master at maintaining. (I was not always this way, but that's for another post.) Our house can quickly go from disaster to perfect in a few moments! I normally have no problem spending my time throughout the week doing my daily/weekly chores of vacuuming, dusting, dishes, cooking, etc.  

But when it comes to the areas in my house that require me to go above and beyond??? To go outside of my normal schedule? To go further than the regular time requirements??? Hmmm... That's a completely different story! 


Yet, the funny thing is that these things that I procrastinate on getting done are the things that bother me the most! Having a messy closet causes me to spend extra time searching for things. Not designating a place for what to do with certain papers cause me to have things in piles all over the house. Our messy garage causes me to get mad when I trip over things! You get the idea! 


So the other week when I posted about Decluttering I was motivated to finally tackle my master bedroom closet! It had been so neglected week after week that the mess, clutter & disorganization had just become normal to us. 


It had gotten so bad that I'm actually slightly embarrassed to post the 'before' pics, but my blog has been real so far so why stop now??? Plus, I'm counting on the fact that someones closet is worse than mine! Lol So without further procrastination ado...

As you can see there are clothes, shoes, purses, and other random things on the floor. The container you see is where I keep all my wrapping paper & gift bags. It is a great organization tool, but most of the time I never put the things back.

 To the left is Greg's side of the closet and on the right is his dresser... piled high with clothes. And more clutter all over the floor.

Okay, so now that that's over... Let's get to the "after" pictures! I'm on a roll with this 'quit procrastinating' thing!

 *sigh* Now that is better! I organized my gift wrap container. I organized my purses in a pile.

 I cleaned up all the clutter than was on the floor. I divided the shelves into categories... Hats on top, Greg's sweaters, my flipflops & then Greg's shoes. And I being the nice wife that I am, I organized all of my husbands clothes.

 This is our lovely shoe organization. I wish we had more of the holders that my shoes are on, but for now the shelves & floor work.

A good portion of the clothes on the floor before were items that no longer fit my children. And I either have plans to sell or give to friends. I decide to use these sturdy paper shopping bags to organize them... Use what you have. You don't have to go out & buy the newest organization tool. Be creative.

So how inspired are you??? I can't even tell you how relieved I am to have this done. And it actually didn't take that long. I split it up into about 3 'sessions'. Only about an hour each time. I did it while my son took his nap. I could have easily done this in one day of about an hour or two, but this way I could take my time, and not stress out on starting something I didn't have time to finish.

Here's my process:
  1. Before I even started, I decided on a stop time. This way I didn't feel overwhelmed to do this 'big' job right then.
  2. I 'sectioned' all the clutter - clothes, shoes, hangers, trash, things that didn't belong, etc.
  3. I threw away all the trash.
  4. I made a donation pile and got rid of it that day.
  5. Everything that didn't belong in the closet, I put it where it went... Not just in a pile somewhere else to deal with later. 
  6. I put away all the things that already had a place, but just were not there... Like clothes, shoes, purses, etc.
  7. Lastly I organized everything that was left that belonged there but just didn't necessarily have a place, like the kids clothes.

What 'hot spot' can you tackle TODAY??? If you feel the need to procrastinate another day, then read my decluttering post and just start there for now. Any closet organization tips you have for me??? I am proud of my closet, but I'm sure it could be more impressive.

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  1. My trick to beating the cleaning/organizing procrastination is to set a timer. I will choose 15, 20, or 30 minute intervals. With a list of the things needing to be done, or a specific project in mind, I will set the timer, work until it goes off, then I switch to something else for the next session of time, then switch back when the timer goes off again.

    It makes things like doing a deep clean of the bathroom a lot easier, because I don't spend a solid amount of time in there. I'll do 15 minutes in there, then do dishes and kitchen cleanup for the next 15 minutes, go back for more bathroom cleaning for 15, have a 15 minute break, etc, until all the needed tasks are done.

  2. @K-Kiora - That's a good idea. That way you're still getting it done in one day, just not all at one time. Thanks for the tip!

  3. GOOD FOR YOU! I, too, maintain well...until there is a crisis of some sort. The newest crisis? I have mono. Ugh. I tackled my pantry/laundry last week and my lesson desk this week. GOOD FOR YOU! GOOD FOR US!

    (visiting from Raising Homemakers' Homemaking Link-Up)

  4. SouthoftheFork - Oh man! I had mono about a year ago and it kicked my butt. I would get so tired I felt like I was going to collapse! Good for you for getting ANYthing done! Lol

  5. Great process! Thanks for sharing step by step how you tackled such a large task. Looks great!

  6. AlexisAnne - Thanks! I'm glad you found it helpful! I know some people have a really hard time just figuring out where to start!

  7. Thanks for the tips, I've been using Closet Organization as my own therapy for awhile.

  8. they have things called purse hangers that you can get at bed bath and beyond for about 10 dollars, it attaches to your closet door that way you don't have to put your purses in a pile :) hope this helps

  9. I have seen those before... But still have yet to part with my 10 dollars! Lol