Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Meal Plan 11/07 - 11/13

So this whole college thing has knocked me for a loop! I'm doing well, but I need to figure out how to keep my daily "stuff" functioning! Haha Thank goodness for my husband, he has cooked dinner twice this week so I could get my school work done early! AND... did I mention that he is also a student??? So we are working on supporting each other in accomplishing our goals! This is team work at it's best!!!

Unfortunately, this cold weather makes me want to just sit under a blanket all evening! So between the change of weather, the addition of school and our church starting a 3rd service at night... I need to figure out how to adjust my schedule accordingly! As for the weather sucking out my motivation & being busy with school work, I'll be using my crock-pot more & try to prepare meals for the freezer to have when I need a quick fill-in meal. And this will help for Sundays, too as we will be eating dinner after.

I'm also looking at some ways to tweek my meal-plan, I'll post more about that later this week! This is one thing that I have learned... Be flexible!!! There's no right or wrong way to be a mom/wife, so figure out what works for you and do that!

Here's the details:

cereal, toast, waffles, egg sandwiches
turkey sandwiches, pb&j, leftovers
apples, oranges, chips, crackers, jello
Monday - Babysitter will feed the kids hot dogs 
Charity Banquet
Tuesday - Easy Lemon Chicken w/ potatoes & biscuits
Wednesday - Beef Tacos w/ corn  
Church @6:30
Thursday - Dinner at In-laws
Friday - Crescent Chicken w/ peas
Saturday - Quesadillas
Sunday - Dinner meeting after service

**For more meal planning info read this post! What are you having this week??? Have you tried any of my new recipes???

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  1. Checking out the Crescent Chicken recipe for sure! It sounds like something my family would love.

  2. Wow, sounds like a crazy schedule. I picked up some foil pans on clearance and have been doubling a lot when I cook so I can freeze a whole meal to pull out when we need it. Good luck with school!

  3. the crescent chicken looks delish! going to try it soon
    Here is a link to my Menu Plan/Question of the week
    I would love if you stopped by to check it out
    Enjoy your week:)

  4. @Rainbowcreek - great idea on the disposable pans! I think I may have to do the same things! It can be hard during the holidays with all the extra desert making to make sure you make an actual meal! :)

  5. Yum! I am trying the Lemon Chicken this coming week in the crock pot! Can't wait!

  6. BTW, thank you for linking up on my Serve It Up Sunday! :) hope to see you back next week!

  7. Candy - Lemon chicken turned out delish! I'm going to post about this tomorrow hopefully!