Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thankful Thirty... #1-5

With this month being Thanksgiving, I thought it would be appropriate to list something that I'm thankful for everyday... But in order to keep my blog clutter free, I'll be posting it in a weekly series.

So here are the first five:

#1 - God's Grace... I know that sometimes it can sound fake and almost get annoying for people to say this. But I truly know that without grace, I would never be where I am in my life! I've made too many mistakes to count and I will continue to mess up. I am so undeserving! Yet, I know that God will continue to extend His grace to me! I fully know that my current life is NOT an outcome of my decisions or choices. My life is purely an outcome of God's miracles and acts of grace! I am forever indebted!

#2 - My Husband & Marriage... I am so thankful for the man Greg is and the relationship that we have created. I've posted before about how we have not always 'had it all together'. We have been through some ugly times, said some hurtful things and made bad choices. But through it all we have stayed together. Another reason to be thankful for God's grace, because we would never have made it if we didn't give our marriage to God. With God and our kids as our motivation, we got our marriage back on track, by making it a priority, and have never regretted it since. I mostly appreciate the effort that my husband puts forth to make our relationship what it is. He truly makes me feel loved, appreciated and supported. I can't imagine life without him! 

#3 - My Kids... It is quite common for people to see me with my kids and be shocked by my young age or pity me for being a young mom. But I honestly wouldn't trade it for anything! Of course, I have my moments where I get frustrated, lose my patience and feel like I'm losing my mind... But through it all somehow my kid's still love me and of course, I love them! I have enjoyed watching them grow up over the years and learning from them! There is no better way to learn a life lesson than through experience. Granted, I have had times I felt I learned more lessons than I have sometimes cared for and again, this is where God's grace comes in, because I am far from perfect! I know without my kids, I wouldn't be the person I am today! And for that I am thankful!

#4 - Being a Step Parent... For anyone out there that has both biological & step children you know that being a step parent is drastically different. This was not in God's original design and plan for us. Therefore, it causes a huge effort in making it successful. Of course, God was with me every step of the way, extending his grace and guidance, but it is a decision! It is not an easy, natural feeling. And I think it was especially difficult for us, with me being a mother, since you are not physically carrying your child and my husband was not going through the same thing, since all of the kids are biologically his. But it is not impossible! I had to be willing to grow as a person and a parent. I had to decide to extend unconditional love! Despite when the child may not even want to receive it! And any parent knows this can be hard enough to give your biological children! Now, 8 years later I can see how much our relationship has grown and appreciate the chance to love these kids as my own! I'm still not perfect, but I am willing to learn and grow daily! 

#5 - My Blog... I never would have imagined that this would ever really have happened and definitely not have been successful! I love knowing that I am writing helpful, useful information that people are actually reading!!! Who would've thought?!? I really enjoy knowing that I am writing things that are helping people! It is ridiculous how excited I get to open up my blog to see a comments!!! All of them... about how they have started saving or tried and loved a recipe or appreciate my honest thoughts and challenges or even offer their advice! I strive to be truthful, realistic, helpful and always humble! I hope you continue to enjoy!

**Would you agree with these things in your own life??? What are you most thankful for???

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  1. I'm thankful I stopped by your blog today from MYHSM. This was SO encouraging. I especially appreciated your spiritual insight on being a stepparent. I don't have experience with this, but by you sharing your heart you opened up my heart in understanding what other sisters in the Lord are going through.

    I think I was especially encouraged by your bold statement that "this was not in God's original plan or design for us." I appreciate your willingness to give the Lord glory and allow Him to make the crooked things straight in your life. Thanks for sharing from your heart.

  2. Thank you so much! It can hard to share about the difficulties of being a stepparent, for fear of judgement! I appreciate your encouragement and thanks for stopping by!

  3. What a lovely post! Isn't it sad to think that people might feel sorry for you for being blessed with those precious children?

    When my kids were younger I was aware that some people felt sorry for me because I was staying home with my kids instead of working a full-time job. One gal said I would regret it the rest of my life because of the potential future money I was giving up (I never have regretted it).

    How could I ever regret being with my children? How could I ever get that time back? My children are grown now (*sniff*) and I have never regretted my years at home with them.

    I love how you said you had to be willing to grow as a person and a parent. Too many people are unhappy because they keep wanting the other person to grow and change, but they don't seem willing to do the same themselves.

    Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

  4. I have mostly stayed home, I only worked for about 6 months or so. I loved my job, but I knew it was best for my family to be home. I definitely had people tell me that I was crazy for giving up my career... I have since proved them wrong! ;)