Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thankful Thirty #14-20


#14 - "Unanswered Prayers"... This is another weird sounding one, I know. But nonetheless, I say it in all sincerity. I can remember things that I have fervently prayed for and felt that God was ignoring me. I now realize that God is always listening and always answering. Just because I didn't receive the answer I was asking for, doesn't mean God didn't answer... I'm still constantly learning that sometimes things not going my way is a great answer to my prayers! God knows best!

#15 - Being a Stay-at-Home-Mom... I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to stay home with my children. I consider it a great privilege! Of course, we do make sacrifices by living on a single income. So how is this a something to be thankful for??? Because I know that there are many families that would gladly make those sacrifices, but could still not afford to live on one income. I am thankful that some how God helps us make our dollars stretch! And I'm also thankful that my husband is supportive enough to solely take on the burden of providing for us and to allow me to live my dream. I love being home with my children and able to be involved in their school, church & extra curricular activities. Although, sometimes there are days I have wondered what it would be like to have a successful career, I have realized that my children are my proof of just that. 

#16 - Red Hair... You may be thinking, "How conceited of her!" But this has nothing to do that. My mother has always called my hair "strawberry blonde". But growing up, it looked more neon orange than red. Despite strangers always telling me "People pay to have hair that color", I still never realized that it made me stand out so much. Of course, there was the occasional teasing, but nothing too damaging. And then one day, in third grade... Our class was lined up after recess, and someone was making fun of my 'crush' for liking me and he said, "I don't like her... She has red hair!" That hurt! I realized from that moment on that my hair was rare! So why is this something to be thankful for??? Because from then on, I realized I wanted to be known for more than just being "The Red Head"! I wanted to be known for more than just my looks! (Had I been more thought about it, I would have had a picture, but I swear this was the color of my hair growing up. I'll get a picture to post later.)