Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thankful Thirty... #6-13

This week, I have realized it is very easy to get stuck in a "wishing" mood... Wishing I had this, wishing things were different, wishing my kids were better, wishing my house was cleaner, wishing my clothes were nicer, etc.

It can be difficult to be content with life! Especially with the society we live in, we are constantly bombarded with things we "need"! And we easily buy into it. (No pun intended)

So what is the secret to fighting discontentment???


You can read #1-5 HERE

#6 - Being Broke... I know this sounds weird, but I'm absolutely serious! There have been periods in my married life that our finances have literally come down to counting pennies and not knowing how we were going to be able to afford the next day! Literally not leaving the house, because we didn't have the gas money or becoming a light switch nazi, making sure we weren't wasting a cent! But through this time, it brought my husband and I closer and strengthened our faith in Christ and His miracles! We have had $1000 gift card anonymously dropped at our door for Christmas a few years ago, strangers hand us money because they "felt called to", a woman pay for my groceries when my card was denied... I have seen God's personal hand at work in my life and I definitely wouldn't trade that experience for the world! I will forever know that no matter what happens in my life that God is always in control and is concerned with my life! This is also how I became such a savvy saver... A lesson learned I could never regret!

#7 - My Home... It's very easy to become discontent with your home. Especially with all of the shows on HGTV. But I have come to realize that your house and home are 2 different things! And I am thankful for both. I'm thankful for the spacious, open living area to entertain large amounts of people, a large kitchen, 3 bathrooms, a huge backyard and that we are in a cul-de-sac. We also currently rent and despite wishing we owned & felt settled, I love that I can just call my landlord whenever there is a problem. And I can focus on saving for other expenses. Also, I'm thankful that my family is what fills the house and makes it home! (This is definitely an old pic, but it definitely captures the constant chaotic fun in our house!)

#8 - My Friends... I am incredibly thankful for my friends, old & new ones alike. I am very privileged to have a few friends that I have been close with since high school! They have seen me through some very challenging times in my life, that I couldn't have managed without their support. I am also thankful for my 'newer' friends. It can be difficult to open yourself up to new people, but I have found it very rewarding! I love having a great group of diverse Christian friends that I know with one word, would gather with me in prayer, support and love! (This is a pic of one of my best friends for like 12 years now!) 

#9 - My Family... Not only am I thankful for the family I have and how they have been there for me through everything, but I am so thankful that my family is close! I know so many people that have never known much of their family and only seeing them once every few years or never! I not only live close to my immediate family, but the family that isn't close, I still see a few times a year! (These pics show just a small portion of my large family!)

#10 - My Mom... I am so thankful for her that she deserves her own number! She has always been my biggest fan, supporter and best friend! No matter what, I know I can trust her to to love me and give me Godly advice! She is also a great Nana to my kids, even loving my stepchildren like they are biologically related! I could not ask for a better mother and am so thankful for all she has taught me about being a wife, mother, friend, and christian woman! I can only hope to live up to her legacy! (She is so pretty & looks so good for her age... Don't ya think??? Although, she will most likely hate that I put this pic up! Hehe)

#11 - My Church... I have never enjoyed going to church, until now! My children love going, also! Even when we are there 3 services Sunday & 1 on Wednesday at a minimum. The congregation has drastically grown from 250 to 850 in a matter of months, yet we still have such a small town church feel! Everyone is so friendly and willing to help and serve however they can, both in and outside of the church! I love going to church with humble people that are honest and accepting of everyone as they are!

#12 - Fall Season... I love the change of season! How it breaks up the normal scenery around us and the cool crisp air is so refreshing. And I am lucky enough to live in an area that I can see it the moment I go outside everyday! It reminds me of the amazing character of our Creator and how He is completely involved in all the details of our lives! Who else could possibly make the dying of plants so gorgeous??? Amazing! 

 #13 - Holidays... Another thing that breaks up the normal life and makes us slow down and focus on the small things in life. We all the sudden take time to light candles, decorate, try new recipes and crafts! We cherish time with our family and friends!

**You can read #1-5 HERE!

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  1. Hello, visiting from the GMG. What a beautiful list of thankfulness! I can SO relate to this post... I've been a light switch nazi myself ;-)

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    God bless!

  2. These are lovely things to be grateful for...and you've penned them so nicely. Thanks for the open door to your heart.

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  5. Thank you ALL for the kind words!

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