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100+ CHEAP Small Gift/Stocking Stuffer Ideas

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Christmas is just right around the corner and normally the last thing that everyone is shopping for are those small gifts and stocking stuffers. All those little things you kept saying to yourself that you'd pick up later..... Well 'later' is NOW!

Here is a great list of OVER 100 small and inexpensive gift ideas! I don't know about you, but I hate filling stockings and buying small 'filler' presents only to be throwing away those things within weeks, because they were junk!

This year I've decided that instead of wasting money, I'm buying things that are either needed, useful or consumable!

Another great idea for coworkers, friends or family is to group some of these items together for a "theme basket". I tried to group the items together as best I could! Here are a few suggestions... Baking, coffee, makeup, nails, art, golf, spa, electronics, car care, etc.

Also, considering that most of these items are $5.00 or less this would be a wonderful way to bless a family in need! We will be filling a stocking to send to our World Vision child, but you could also drop off with a charity, a church or a specific family that you know! What a wonderful blessing to someone you could be! And what a lesson it would be for your children!

Here are over 100 ideas:

  1. $5.00 Gift Cards - Starbucks, 7-11, fast food, etc.
  2. Christmas Ornament
  3. Framed Picture
  4. Picture Album
  5. Monogrammed Coasters
  6. Personalized Stationary
  7. Candles
  8. Yankee Air Freshener Spray
  9. Magazines
  10. Lottery Tickets
  11. Seed Packets
  12. Card Games
  13. Travel size games
  14. Jewelery 
  15. Jewelery Travel Case
  16. Watch
  17. Socks
  18. Slippers
  19. Undies
  20. Ties
  21. Makeup
  22. Makeup Bag
  23. Makeup Brushes
  24. Face wash
  25. Face Lotion
  26. Nail Polish
  27. Nail Polish Remover
  28. Manicure Set
  29. Fake Nail Set
  30. Hairbands
  31. Hair Clips
  32. Brush/Comb
  33. Golf Balls
  34. Golf Tees
  35. Bodywash
  36. Loofah
  37. Perfume/Cologne
  38. Lotion
  39. CDs
  40. Movies
  41. Video Games
  42. Game Controller
  43. Ipod Speakers
  44. Ear Phones
  45. Ipod/Phone cover
  46. Ipod/Phone Case
  47. Scarf
  48. Gloves
  49. Hat
  50. Sunglasses
  51. Watch
  52. Belt
  53. Journal
  54. Pocket size Day Planner
  55. Books
  57. Wallet
  58. Money Clip
  59. Key Chain
  60. Antibacterial Gel
  61. Chapstick 
  62. Lint Roller
  63. Kitchen Utensils
  64. Baking Mixes
  65. Oven Mitts
  66. Umbrella
  67. Flashlight
  68. Tools
  69. Car Care Items - wax, wheel spray, etc.
  70. Toothbrush
  71. Toothpaste
  72. Water Bottle
  73. Coffee Mug
  74. Gourmet Coffee
  75. Wall Stickers
  76. Posters
  77. Colored Duct Tape
  78. Fridge Magnets - For kids or adults
  79. Gel Pens
  80. Pencils
  81. Erasers
  82. Crayons
  83. Markers
  84. Colored Pencils
  85. Coloring Books
  86. Play-doh
  87. Silly Putty
  88. Stickers
  89. Small Puzzle Books - crosswords/wordsearch
  90. Sidewalk Chalk
  91. Bubbles
  92. Silly String
  93. Finger Paint
  94. Cars
  95. Trains
  96. Candy
  97. Harmonica
  98. Stuffed Animals
  99. Bath Toys
  100. Action Figure
  101. Bouncy Balls
  102. Barbie Dolls
  103. Barbie Outfits
  104. Zhu-Zhu Pets
  105. Littlest Pet Shop
  106. Jump Rope
  107. Pack of Baseballs, Tennis Balls, etc.
  108. Yo-Yo
  109. Nerf Guns
  110. Extra Nerf Darts
  111. Pretend Sword
  112. Prince/Princess Crown

What are you filling your stockings with??? Any suggestions to add?

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    1. Now that is an awesome list. Thanks for the ideas!

      By His Grace,

    2. Thanks for sharing all of these ideas with us! Not much time left and these items can be picked up just about anywhere, no specialty shop needed!

    3. This year I used all those free to nearly free items like razors, shave cream, deodorant, body spray, flashlights, and for the women hair goodies, lip stuff, revlon products.I can easily spend $20-30 per stocking, that really adds up when you are doing 6 of them, this year I don't think I spent maybe $40 total!! Thanks to coupons and great deals!