Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Baby Boy Isaac

Four years have passed since my youngest son was born and it literally feels like yesterday! It has all of the sudden hit me over the last few weeks that he is not my baby anymore... He is turning into quite the little boy! 

This morning with his new outfit, hat & Elf on the Shelf toy!

I can remember the events of his birth like it was yesterday! His due date was Dec. 23rd and I was determined that he was going to be born as far away from Christmas as possible. I spent the weeks leading up to his birth doing ALL the natural tricks to spur on labor. The week before he was born I even walked up Mt. Trashmore in VA, which a is 60 foot high hill! To say I was determined was an understatement! 

The night I went into labor I went to my Grandmother's house with my Mom and I sipped Raspberry Tea and took some Castor Oil! Bleh! But it worked... Within an hour my contractions were 4 minutes apart. I drove home and told my husband to get ready. I panicked everyone when I decided to shower and get ready before I went! I wanted to enjoy my last few moments! :)

We got to the hospital and parked on the wrong side, so after walking around the entire hospital, laughing about my husband delivering the baby out there, we made it! My midwife was on her way, but before she got their the on-call doctor checked me. I was already 4 cm. dilated but she didn't feel I seemed to "be in enough pain to be in active labor", so she broke my water. 

After that it was a whirlwind... He was born so fast that they couldn't even get an IV in me! The bed wasn't even broke down! I didn't even have to push! My total labor lasted only about 3 1/2 hours!

Next thing I knew my husbands telling me, that we have an "Isaac James"!

He literally could not have been a more perfect addition to our family! From day one he has been the best sleeper and eater! Always so content and compliant! Just plain easy!

With Christmas being right around the corner, I was extra prepared for the holidays that year! I had all my Christmas shopping, wrapping, baking and cleaning done the weekend after Thanksgiving!!! It was so great to just sit back and enjoy the season.

I will always remember that Christmas morning as the most special! Before the kids came down, Greg helped me get comfy on the couch with some coffee and I just nursed my sweet boy while the kids opened all their presents. 

I posted yesterday about his "Winter Themed Party", but truly the best part of the night was watching him open his presents! For some parties this is the dreaded time, because they go so fast, they're not thankful enough, etc. But not Isaac... Every year he has reacted the same! 

Everything he opens, he reacts as if he won the lottery! The genuine excitement and thankfulness he displays is so special! We all were so excited to watch him open the next present, just so we could see his reaction! He would even personally thank everyone!

I couldn't be more thankful to be blessed with Isaac James! He definitely brightens up our days with his sense of humor, 'smarty-pants' remarks and on the go energy!


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