Monday, December 12, 2011

Winter Themed Party


I know... It's a miracle, right??? I have fallen in love with Pinterest! (If you need an invite let me know.) It is easy to get lost in everything that is on the site, but I have figured out the most effective way for me to use it... I only pin things that I will actually ever do!!! There are soo many creative ideas that you can get lost in all the things the you think are cool or wish you could do.

But in order to keep your boards uncluttered you shouldn't pin every idea you love. Instead pin only what you want to remember so you can come back to them! 

On Saturday night we had a birthday party for my youngest son, Isaac. He is turning 4 years old tomorrow! I can't even believe it! 

We have always kept his parties simple and he still loves it. Actually, I think we all enjoy his the most! Just family & a few close friends were invited. This causes less stress on myself & I can enjoy the party instead of being preoccupied with playing hostess!
After learning my lesson, many times, I now avoid doing party character themes, because that can be pricey! So I normally do a color... But this year I did a "Winter" theme! And here are the cute food ideas I made! I was so proud of myself! 

These didn't turn out exactly as planned, the candy canes are supposed to be standing up & you can eat them like a lollipop or use to stir your coffee or hot chocolate! I kept putting them back in & they kept falling back out... Lol Other than that they were so simple to make!

These are powdered donuts with carrots for the eyes & chocolate chips for the eyes (stuck on by icing)!

And Mickey Mouse cakes!

The brownies looked like this, but I used whip cream & just cut them into squares. I didn't put the topping on until after I took the picture & guests were arriving so it wouldn't melt.

Everything was delicious, beautiful & fun! I served coffee & hot chocolate for drinks! I was so excited that I actually used some of the many awesome ideas from Pinterest!

**Have you ever actually made anything you pinned???

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  1. Looks super tasty! I keep checking out Pinterest, but I need an invite so I can actually participate and figure it out!

  2. K-Kiora - If you send me your email address I will send you an invite!

  3. that's funny! I actually make a lot of things I pin on Pinterest. Would you please share this with my readers for Fun Stuff Fridays?