Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Wrap Up

Welcome back everyone......

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and New Year's! I know we did! 

Christmas Eve is almost more special to me than Christmas Day! I just love the anticipation. There's such a sense of magic! 

We had a great day just relaxing, eating lunch with my family and then going to church! We actually got a great family photo!

We went home and ate Chinese take-out for a late night dinner and then the kids opened their Christmas jammies!

After they were in bed, I got to work! Luckily, the day before I had barricaded myself in my bedroom and wrapped almost everything. If I hadn't who knows if I would've slept at all. I ended up running out of boxes and wrapping paper and was up until 3am!!!

But it was all entirely worth it!

Our Christmas was spent with lots of family and friends; near and far. We received many wonderful presents. Ate great food. Caught up. Relaxed. Enjoyed every magical moment with our kids! And spent a lot of time in the car!

I can truly say that I felt so blessed.

Our New Year's was just as fun! We rang in the new year with lots of laughter! We seriously have the best friends ever! Who else can say they have responsible adult friends, that also know how to have fun & play Just Dance 3 Xbox Kinect and have a Nerf Gun war???

Now that all the Christmas chaos is over, I'm trying to switch gears to getting my house back in order. Because I am going on a week long mission's trip to Mexico!

I am extremely excited, but at the same time extremely nervous!!! It is quite difficult, to say the least, to be out of touch with my family and their daily activities. Especially for a control freak like myself! :)

I have done my best to stock the house with food, paper products, medicine, dog food, hygiene products and anything else you can think of!

You can see my last 2 shopping trips here: Farm Fresh & Harris Teeter

I am also trying to get the house as organized as possible and still need to get my Christmas decorations put away. Which is never as much fun as putting them away! I also need to make sure I'm ready to start school 6 days after I return home. Oh and I need to pack!

Last year, I went for the 1st time and I was scared out of my mind to leave! I secretly cried almost the entire 1st day. To start, I hate flying, especially without my spouse.

I was also terrified about leaving the country. Crossing that border made me realize how much I take our level of safety in American for granted!

But, after about the 2nd day, I was in love with Mexico! We stay in Ensenada and through EOC build a house for a family in the local community.

Everyday that we showed up, the kids chased our van & flooded our site to come play with "The Gringos!!!" 

After just 4 days we had become so attached to "our family" that is was difficult to leave them behind! 

I am hoping that we can visit them when we return!

**I am hoping to continue blogging while I'm gone (I leave on Weds). But I will not be updating the sales flyers or of course posting shopping trips! So my blog will have a little different focus for the next few weeks! I'm hoping to be able to share some of my experience while I'm there! And I hope you still enjoy it just as much!

P.S. Prayers are appreciated for myself and my family that I'm leaving behind!

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