Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Super Woman Series - Learning To Say NO

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How can a two letter word be so difficult to say?

Can you volunteer at church? Yes.
Can you coach your daughter's cheerleading team? Yes.
Can you help at the class party? Yes.
Can you lead the Bible Study? Yes.
Can you head up the fundraiser? Yes.
Can you take my friends and I to the mall? Yes.
Can you double date on Friday night? Yes.
Can you do me a favor & watch the your niece tonight? Yes.
Can you.... Ahhh!

When will it ALL stop???

As mothers and especially women we have a need to please. We don't want to disappoint people. Especially the ones we love! 

Isn't this our job as a mother, though? To rush in to save the day and fill in the gaps? To juggle all we can even at our own expense?

Isn't that what makes us Super Woman??? (Although, I don't know about you, but I definitely don't look like that when I am flying in to save the day. Just sayin...)

Here's the thing: The opportunities will not stop. The requests for help will keep coming. Things will only change if we respond differently. We have to learn to say "No"!!! 

We answer "Yes" without even thinking. It's like an auto response!

Look at it like this... What is going to happen if we say "No"? They'll either fill the position with someone else or worst case scenario, no one fills the position. Either way, you're life will most likely continue as normal.

Now what happens if you say "Yes"? You fill up your schedule, maybe even over fill it. You become stressed for time and patience. And in the end you probably won't fulfill your commitment to the best of your ability.

So what's the solution? Learn to say NO!!!

I promise the world will still go on. And everyone will still love you the same. (If not, that's their problem and you're better off without them & their opinion.)

Yes there are many "good things" that you can fill your time with... But none of those "good things" compare to your time with your family. Don't you already have enough responsibilities in life?

Don't get me wrong... I'm not saying that you shouldn't do anything outside of the home. But only commit to what you can handle and only what you have adequate room for in your life.

If you can't teach Sunday School, help with VBS for a week in the summer.
If you can't be at every class party, send in an extra fun snack for the event.
If you can't use every Friday night to meet different friends, have them all over on the same night for a party.

Remember - We are going to drop our expectations and find fulfillment in this season of our life!

Break the mold. I promise your family will appreciate you more, because you won't be stretching yourself to thin.

*Do you find that your overwhelmed with an overfull schedule???

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