Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Leaving Home with Peace

As I count down the time until I leave for Mexico (which is 24 hours, 4 min.), I realize how protective I am of my family! I have admitted before that I am a teeny tiny little bit of a control freak... But now that I will be absent for 7 whole days, I'm slightly panicking!

Of course as a stay at home wife and mother, I know that I juggle a lot of responsibilities! But when it comes to handing over those responsibilities to others, it's a little difficult! Not that I feel my husband is incapable, but as I explained to him earlier today, "I'm handing over my job!!! How would you feel if I had to do your job for a week?" Explaining your responsibilities, making sure all the things on your to do list get done, trying to convey all the little things that you do without even thinking about it, etc.

I am trying to realize that things will not be done the way I do it!

Some things will not be done at all!

But in the end, everyone will survive and most likely thrive!

The way I do things are not the only right way! *gasp* (But that doesn't necessarily mean that my husband's ways are right! Lol)

After much fretting & worrying I have decided to to let go! Why fight it, right???

I'm going to leave, it's not an option at this point! And my worrying doesn't change one darn thing! So I might as well quit stressing everyone out with my anxieties & concerns!

And rely on God's control and peace!

You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.
~Isaiah 26:3

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