Thursday, January 26, 2012

Super Woman Series - Making Time for ME

This is probably the thing that Mom's struggle with the most... Yet it is what we need the most! We have to make time for ourselves! It's not out of selfishness! It's out of necessity!

I know that some of you may be reading this thinking, "Great idea! But how?" or maybe your wanting to yell at me, "Of course I want to have time for myself! Who doesn't? But there is no time!"

When we neglect our own needs we normally tend to take that out on the people we love the most. The very people that we are filling up our time with are the ones that will end up suffering. When our stress level goes up, our patience goes down.

How many times have you locked yourself in the bathroom or bedroom just to keep from losing it?!?

Now sadly, just because you take time for yourself doesn't mean that this will never happen again, but we can't run ourselves on empty and expect to be capable of keeping it all together... Especially if you haven't learned to say no, yet.

Now that I have you shaking your head in agreement that you need to take care of you... How do we make that happen?

The biggest reasons we neglect ourselves is because we're on a time, money & energy constraint. So here's a few ideas to get your started that are FREE and you won't need a babysitter:

First, put the kids to bed early and do something alone!

  • Read a book
  • Sit in silence and enjoy a hot drink. 
  • Watch your show off the DVR
  • Eat a sweet snack
  • Catch up on all those blogs you love, but never have time to read
  • Take a bath - I did this the other night for the 1st time in forever. I lit a candle, poured some bubble bath, drank some hot tea & read a book. It was amazing!
  • Call your friend you never have time for
  • Have a night of no cleaning, laundry or chores

What do you do to give yourself a break???


  1. Ahhh...just reading this makes me feel more relaxed. :)

    A few years ago, I used to fill my every waking moments with time with my kids when I wasn't at work. I was frazzled, tired and anxious all the time. Once I started taking time for myself and doing the things I wanted to do on my terms, did I realize that I needed to change the term selfish to self fulfilled for myself. When I have filled myself, I am charged and ready to go to be a competent and enjoyable mother, wife and friend. When I'm not fulfilled, watch out! It benefits everyone to take care of ourselves and somehow we just need to accept it. Thanks for the reminder. Great blog! looking forward to reading more!

  2. Friends are definitely one of those "good" things we can fill our lives with! But the truth is as a Mom we don't have the same amount of time for our social life. And time alone than is not the same as time with our friends! :)