Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Farm Fresh Trip 01/25

Total Sale Price = $41.76
Total Price Paid = $34.01
Gas Rewards = $0.05/gal
I ran in for a just a few sale items. But sadly, I remembered why I have avoided shopping at Farm Fresh! :/

It seems they do this often: They have items for sale (normally cereal) and they place them on an end cap with the sale sign and then they don't ring up right & they say, "It's because these are the wrong items!" Well why did you put them with the sign??? A sign that says, "Select Varieties"... Of course I thought these were the selected varieties.

The other frustrating thing is that their "policy" is that if something rings up wrong then they give it to you for free! They never honor this! They just give you the difference. And in my case last night they still overcharged me!!! And somehow they always make me feel guilty for talking to management. Isn't that part of their job?

Sorry for ranting, but if you are new to this couponing thing... I would suggest shopping at Harris Teeter. Their management is very friendly and accessible!

All in all the trip was successful, but I think I'll be avoiding them unless they have great sales!

Here's the details:

*General Mills Promo - Buy 5 products for $1.88 ea.

(2) Lucky Charms cereal $1.88 ea.
Cheerios $1.88 ea.
- $1.00/3 coupon = $1.21 ea.

(2) Nature Valley Granola Bars & Thins $1.88 ea.
- $0.75/2 coupon = $1.13 ea.

(2) Butterball Variety Lunchmeat Pack 12oz. $4.19 ea.
- $1.00 (Butterball Turkey Rebate) = $2.19 ea.
= $2.92/lb.

Ground Beef $2.49/lb. = 7.37

Bananas $0.59/lb. = $1.47

FF Egg Dozen $1.89

Milk Gallon $3.69
- $1.00 store coupon = $2.69

(4) Sargento Shredded Cheese $2.50 ea.
- (2) $1.00/2 coupon = $1.50 ea.
(3) Trident Gum Packs $1.19 ea.
 - $1.00/3 coupon = $0.52 ea.

*Where do you enjoy shopping the most???

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  1. Your lucky this store doubles $1 coupons - mine only go up to .99cents. Good job!