Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Grocery Saving Tip #29

Tip #29 - Try EACH tip at least once!

I know that with all these tips it can seem a bit overwhelming! Maybe you don't know where to start. Or maybe you think all these tips seem like a waste of time, because it doesn't even make a difference in your grocery savings! 

But I promise that all of these things will save you money and time and will be almost effortless! These are possible for everyone to accomplish!

I feed my family of 6... Including my 2 picky eater children, my growing baseball playing 10 year old son and my husband who goes in and out of crazy no-carb diets and must eat a bazillion grams of protein a day, for only $50/week!!! Yes, you read that right! I feed my family nutritious, yummy, filling foods for only $200/month!!! 

How do I do this??? I do all these tips in some capacity (of course not all of the time, I'm not perfect)! I do use coupons, but those alone do not save me the majority of money... These tips are where it's at!

**What do you think you will try first??? Which tip was your favorite??? 


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