Thursday, February 2, 2012

Grocery Savings Tip #3

Grocery Savings Tips #3 - Stop Buying Bottle Water

This tip is another overlooked way to save money. 

Why do you buy bottled water??? Convenient? Cleaner? Better?

Consider these facts:

  • Bottled water is mostly unmonitored by the FDA - high amounts of bacteria found
  • More than 25% are filled from a municipal source - a.k.a. tap water
  • Bottled water cost about $8.00/gal vs. tap water @ $0.01/gal - that's more expensive than a gallon of gas!
  • Studies have shown that 75% of people prefer the taste of tap water to bottled water in a blind taste test
  • Bad for the environment - even when the bottle is recycled
  • The cost of one case of water is about equal to the cost to supply a person in Africa with clean safe drinking water for the next 5 years!

How much do you spend on bottled water?

I used to buy 1-2 packs a week @ about $3.50 ea. And then maybe 5-10 single bottles throughout the month @ about $1.00 ea. Now I don't buy it at all!

Which means I am saving $242 - $460 a year!!! That's $20 - $38 a month!

Instead we use refillable stainless steel water bottles instead now. (And a few plastic ones) Each kid got to pick out their own at the beginning of the school year. This ensures there's no fighting or sharing problems! 

And if you really dislike the taste of regular tap water, consider using a water filter. I when I first stopped buying the bottles, I just didn't drink water because I couldn't get used to the taste. But now I'm used to it. It tastes fine to me!

*How much could you potentially save??? I'm telling you every little bit adds up!

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  1. Wow I find all of this interesting, especially the supplying a woman in Africa for that long! I hardly ever buy bottled water, because it seems so wasteful.

  2. Michelle - I thought that fact was shocking! I also have a video I'm posting on FB in just a minute that has more interesting facts... Like where the bottles go to be "recycled"!